Legal LULZ Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ just can’t help himself. Because he really seems to believe that his acts are virtuous, he tries to justify them and, in the process, makes admissions against interest.MM201609060454ZThe admissions in his latest bit of blog buffoonery will be useful in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.PreparationH96ct His response to today’s TKPOTD was so true-to-form in projecting his emotions and motivations onto others that I almost ran that animated GIF of line dancing apes that has become associated with Bill Schmalfeldt, but I’ve decided to make this special offer through Amazon instead. Click on the image on the left to order.

44 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. So this explains why he’s staying up so late now that he doesn’t have his wife to make him take his meds and get to bed by 9. He’s staying up until TKPOTD drops at 11pm his time so that he can make a fool of himself yet again before he goes to bed.

  2. I loved this sentence which most likely has been shared with his captive attorney: “For one, I do not claim my actions are virtuous. I claim my reporting is fair. Both sides have been represented.”

    So these were fair and balanced reporting from Bill Schmalfeldt:

    EPWJ rapes his daughters

    The shaken baby is brain dead

    Lees wife is a prostitute

    The Causeys lied about my harassing their baby

    The SA dismissed 367 charges

  3. “Paging Mr. Sorich. Paging Mr. Michael Sorich. Please use the white discourtesy phone re: your client Mr. Fatass Mayo…”

  4. He’s now reverted to child antics of “rubber – glue” mentality because he is incapable of a intellectual response. Of course, if he was capable of intellect, he wouldn’t be involved in Team Kimberlin fiasco and maybe actually have a good life.

  5. The new fascist threat is the same as the old fascist threat, authoritarian statists. Nationalism itself isn’t important if the first two aren’t met, and the first two are generally on the left.

    • As someone pointed out, people keep acusing Trump supporters of being Facist, but the funny thing is that it’s the ones who oppose him who end up being the ones to act like it.

      • “In reality, to which I assume all who read these words are loyal, words have meaning, and the word fascist means a national socialist totalitarian.

        “The Morlock is loyal to unreality.

        “In unreality, words have emotional import only, and are used only to express emotions, much like the barking of a dog expresses anger, or the purr of a cat expresses pleasure. What you are reading is a Rorschach blot of words, merely one subjective meaning plastered atop another, forming the verbal version of what, when expressed visually, is seen in a modern art museum as a can of [feces] or a bottle of urine, or some other thing alleged to be art. In unreality, ‘fascist’ means BARK! BARK! BARK!”


      • Generally speaking, the desire to be left alone, to stop having the government intrude upon their lives, to be secure in both their homes and in their nation, is pretty much the opposite of fascism. Liberals confuse nationalism for fascism, but nationalism isn’t an evil concept to begin with, as at it’s heart it is simply the desire to protect your way of life. If your way of life is good, how could the desire to protect it be evil.

        Which isn’t to say anything on Trump himself. Seeing though the motivation of a crowd is easier than seeing though the motivations of a man. But his supporters are certainly not looking for someone who will ignore laws, press things though congress though unconstitutional means, appoint under-qualified partisan hacks who think jurists should change the law to the courts, use illegal means of communications to skirt freedom of information laws, and expand national control over lives and business… Like Obama, Clinton, or the present administration of Venezuela.

      • The fasces were a Roman symbol of authority — a bundle of sticks bound together (because they’re harder to break that way) around an axe (the threat of violence). It appears in various national symbols here and there — including those of the United States — as a shorthand for “strength through unity”.

        Then Mussolini, a life-long Marxist, had the idea that maybe Italian businessmen and workers had more in common than Italian workers had with Russian workers, and dropped the “International Socialism” line for “National Socialism”, and to name his new party and movement he drew on Italy’s glorious history — calling his idea “fascism”.

        Mussolini and his proteges were admired by those American (by birth) political theorists who styled themselves “Progressives”, who claimed to represent a “Third Way” that was neither classical Ango-Saxon/American liberal individualism nor Marxist International Socialism. They were, instead, national socialists.

        Only one of the major candidates in this election has openly expressed admiration for those American (by birth) “Progressives” and claimed the label for themselves — Hillary Clinton. Whose primary campaign theme is “Stronger Together”.

        (Which her campaign doesn’t really mean, anyway, as they’re simultaneously pushing racial divisions and racial spoils as their way to buy votes. But, then, Mussolini’s most famous student also pushed the “stronger together” line while exploiting racial and religious hatreds. The only “innovation” the modern Progressives have made is that their hatreds are directed towards the majority of the citizens.)

      • people keep acusing Trump supporters of being Facist

        I always thought it was Dirk Benedict supporters who were Facists?

  6. It’s as if CBBS aspires to be Goebbels to TDPK’s “Der Kurzführer.”

    They are both delusional enough but fortunately, for us, lack the raw “gifts” of their respective alter egos.

    • ” ‘Der Kurzführer.’ ”

      My German’s good enough that I translated that in real-time. Nicely done, WE.

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