Projection Du Jour

ROFLMAO—MM201609050630ZRage? Not hardly!

If I had to characterize the emotion I felt when I found that the Cabin Boy™ had published an unredacted copy of the Kimberlins’ motion seeking a deposition subpoena for Mrs. Walker, I’d say the initial reaction was smug satisfaction from having predicted that Team Kimberlin would publish the document. (Although I thought it probably would be published by Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread.) After four-plus years of writing about Team Kimberlin, most of the rage has morphed into weary disgust.

Summer HatAs to what is proved by the incident, I’ll simply say that I’m thankful that the Cabin Boy™ has admitted his source for the document he published on Scribd.

Finally, with his usual flair for inaccuracy, the Cabin Boy™ has got my hat wrong. I normally wear a fedora, and between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it’s usually straw.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

39 thoughts on “Projection Du Jour

  1. let me see, the nuns, who have given a person a wonderful place to live, sure they would allow that person to amass 3 morer restraining orders and threaten to kill one of those, a grandmother. if someone wou,d tell their story, it would be necessary for them to mention that microsoft banned them for life for serious violations, and wrote the words “child porn”

    • Roy,
      I have always found the tack and “Western wear” shops, especially the traveling tents at state fairs, to have a great collection of hats, including fedoras. And the tack shops in VA, KY, and TN (“horse” country) are a great source. I find the offerings at actual haberdasheries to be way over-priced for the offerings.

  2. The PedoBomber and the Fear Pee King were thinking that they badass trying to dox Aaron’s wife. But not realizing that they were providing valuable information to be used against them.

    “Hoisted on their own petard” (paraphrased) – William Shakesphere

  3. Oh look, the lifelong failure learned a new buzz word. How PROUD SGOTCU probably is. Her little man, once again the intrepid journalist GS-13 editor, is again using words and phrases he doesn’t understand.

  4. The tweet linking to the unredacted subpoena motion seems to have disappeared from the live tab of the @munkomentia twitter account. Cabin Boy ™ is running for the hills.

      • Is it still there? I was thinking I would report any doxing but the tweet isn’t visible on his feed right now. Maybe Twitter isn’t putting up with his violations.

      • I don’t usually look at his twitter, but twitter shouldn’t be letting him dox people, especially not with his history and current restraining orders.

        • “I don’t usually look at his twitter, but twitter shouldn’t be letting him dox people, especially not with his history and current restraining orders.”

          Not to mention his conspiratorial relationship with a domestic terrorist – Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin.

  5. “I normally wear a fedora, and between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it’s usually straw.”

    So not only is Hoge a scientist with a penchant for amateur radio but also understands what appears to be a lost art- the rules of dress??

    I bow before you, Hoge!!

  6. You know, it wasn’t that long ago that Brett concocted a story about Tetyana trying to “kidnap” her own children. He just wouldn’t shut up about it. I haven’t forgotten it.

  7. And online his shills said her boyfriend might kidnap them, and in court papers John might kidnap them, and now Aaron’s wife is the kidnapper.

    I’m starting to think Brett must have kidnapped someone at least once in his life.

  8. Ho, boy. Once again when you believe he can’t do anything more stupid he does. There is no bottom down there.

  9. When writing a story of your life Bill Schmalfeldt, don’t forget the episode where the worlds largest company banned you for life, seized all your correspondence and when you complained further, wrote the worlds “serious violations, and the phrase “viewing or distributing child porn”.

    And you were stupid stupid stupid to publish it to try to blame me for your bad behavior. How does someone get their account taken away like that, must have been doing a lot of EXTREMELY bad things.

    • Yeah, a big corporation like Microsoft/Outlook permanently closing an account and not allowing the user any access to the archives seems like a pretty drastic step for them to take.

      Could make one wonder what was being exchanged with, or sent to whom, to cause such a dramatic, and permanent, action.

      Of course, it could be what the repulsive reprobate deems “comedy” – – the depraved DUMF5CK’s graphic descriptions of cub scouts being forced into sex acts including sodomy, being urinated on, and photographed during these gruesome acts.

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