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The Kimberlins have filed this motion in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit seeking to depose Aaron Walker’s wife before the trial.

It will be interesting to see how the court rules on this during the 30 September motions hearing.

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin says he wants to have copies of the pictures Mrs. Walker took of him on 1 March, 2013, while he was stalking her. I don’t have any of them, but I do have this picture of him cruising the parking lot of the Howard County District Courthouse one week later on the date of a peace order hearing against Bill Schmalfeldt. That hearing was continued for two weeks. Schmalfeldt was out of town because of his mother’s death.20130308-152751.jpgTPDK drove around the lot, apparently looking for a particular vehicle, and left after circling the lot twice. He returned a half-hour later (just before the hearing time), circled the lot again, and left again. I believe that he was looking for the Walker’s SUV with Virginia tags. The second time he cruised the lot, he stopped in front of the car in which Aaron was sitting (a borrowed sedan with Maryland plates) without recognizing Aaron. It’s likely the Kimberlin was trying to serve a motion on Aaron, because one was mailed to him from the Elliott City post office that afternoon. The handwriting on the envelope appeared to be Kimberlin’s. Schmalfeldt was out of town and could not have mailed it.

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  1. WOW, Brett is playing with fire from a very weak position!! It’s pretty clear Brett isn’t able to accurately assess his legal situations in most of his cases. If he can’t see the courts are finally wise to his bullshit, then he deserves the consequences coming his way very soon.

    It’s time for BK to find another profession to utilize in his harassment campaigns. This whole “lawsuits untill the end of their lives” just isn’t going to work out for him.? Especially when he will face them as well, only he will face double or triple the suits he initiates.

    • It’s long past time for BK to give up his harassment campaigns and do something useful. FIFY

      Or go back to the slammer. See, there are always choices.

    • To be fair, Brett isn’t an incompetent pedophile. My understanding is he’s quite good at being a pedophile.

      I mean we have to be fair, right?

  2. On August 29, the judge struck every single one of the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber’s filings that were not signed properly and were not sent Return Receipt Requested.

    On September 1, The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber filed this document.

    Does Aaron have to file a motion to strike this one as well, or will it just be automatic?

    • As to paragraph 3, last June Judge Mason issued an order in this case striking sua sponte Kimberlins’ motion to have the court find Aaron Walker to be a vexatious litigant for containing impertinent and scandalous material. That can happen again.

  3. Good question. If, for example, one of BS’s lulzsuits where he had not been improperly granted a pro bono lawyer had actually made it that far, and he had wanted to depose one of the people who had been granted a restraining/peace/no contact order against him, and against whom he had also made further credible threats, how would the court system deal with it?

    • The judge can order various remedies, including not allowing a deposition if it’s shown to be set for an improper purpose, or requiring the deposer to pay for security, or holding the deposition in a secure facility such as the courthouse, etc.

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  5. Too bad he hadn’t indicated his intention to call anyone as a witness during trial.

    [Feel free to redact this altogether, if you like.]

    • If this isn’t known, it’s because the diddler isn’t reading Aaron’s filings. If he’s not reading those, why waste time reading stuff here?

    • My thoughts exactly. It’s not like these allegations are somehow last minute add-ons to the episode. Brett can’t claim that he only just found out about this potential witness.

  6. It seems obvious that Kimberlin has requested this deposition of Mrs Walker for the sole purpose of terrifying her. His thuggish antics will not go unnoticed by the judge. Since BK’s request is untimely, the judge should deny it on that basis alone. However, it is more than untimely, it is improper.

  7. Motion to strike:

    No address in Defendants’ signature block.

    No certified mail, return recept requested, in certificate of service.

    Discovery period is over.

  8. The really funny thing about this is that TK invoked her 5th Amendment rights and refused to be deposed. That’s part of what makes this so funny: she is precluded from testifying at trial, and can’t testify to what anyone allegedly told her. BK cannot testify, even if his perjury conviction were not an impediment, because it would be hearsay. Oh, and once they open the door to private discussions between the two of the about this, well, there goes spousal privilege!

      • Well, it’s not like this “filed over a hundred lawsuits” vexatious litigant has much experience with his victims fighting back. He really chose poorly when he decided to attack a Yale Law graduate and our Gracious Host.

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