Four Years Ago Today

Originally Posted on 3 September, 2012

More Lawfare Threats From Team Kimberlin

Some bozo calling himself the Liberal Grouch appears to be a member of Brett Kimberlin’s clown posse, and he’s threatening to sue Aaron Walker for defamation. He believes that Mr. Walker defamed him because he was accurately quoted in postings tweeted by Mr. Walker.

You can find the details of the exchange in question here, including tweets/posts that the Liberal Grouch deleted (perhaps in an attempt to erase evidence?).

Team Kimberlin is saying that they will start a “legal defense fund” for the Liberal Grouch if he sues Mr. Walker. They have the right idea because he will need a defense fund when the counterclaims come back from Aaron Walker.

Oh, and if Bill Schmalfeldt (if that’s his real name) is stupid enough to sue Aaron Walker, I’ll be first in line to make a substantial contribution to the Blogger Defense Team to help defray Mr. Walker’s legal expenses.

UPDATE—@LiberalGrouch tweets that I should read his side of the story. [This link is broken. It went to a long-abandoned site.] I have. My comments above stand.

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2016 UPDATE—I’ll bet the Cabin Boy™ now wishes he had left Aaron Walker alone.

37 thoughts on “Four Years Ago Today

  1. I’ll bet he doesn’t. Not only is Lolcow Billy in love with his own perpetual victimhood, he’s just not very smart.

      • If everyone could recognize cause and effect, there wouldn’t be communists. And the New York times wouldn’t do backflips apologizing for communists.

        • “If everyone could recognize cause and effect, there wouldn’t be communists. And the New York times wouldn’t do backflips apologizing for communists.”

          If everyone would get off their Public Educated/Indoctrinated Whining/Think they are Entitled butts out of their Parents Basements and Take Responsibility for their Actions/Choices, there wouldn’t be any Communists and the Media wouldn’t be actively Conspiring for Totalitarianism worldwide with Dictators and their wannabes. FIFY

        • It isn’t that they don’t recognize cause and effect, it is that they only look at it as deep as the first order. When they’re trying to achieve something they desire, they start from effect, then look for something that could cause that effect, preferably, without them doing anything. Once they have a cause, they will work out as deep as the first order effects. The first order effects are one harm, one benefit, and that is all. After that, it is a butterfly effect, changes in behavior because of changes in incentives that can stretch across the entire society, but no. Looking that deeply is difficult, and imprecise. It is far easier just to say that this billionaire will have a few less millions, both quantities so large that ordinary people have difficultly grasping them. In particular, they’d never accept that most of a billionaire’s wealth is invested in something that is vastly beneficial to a large enough group that they’d reached that level. They imagine essentially a vault that holds all that money, since their personal excess money does little. They only look at it as far as “I can pay less for ______ if this person who has too much pays for part of it.” But then, that money they’ve diverted to priorities they decide without considering benefits and losses isn’t going to build, update, repair all those things that would have been worked on, if only this person and his related morons didn’t think, you know what is great? free stuff.

  2. Since this appears to be the loathsome loser’s entire life, all it ever does, its only interaction with others, it probably counts this as one of the few ‘good’ decisions its ever made.

  3. I also doubt that the Loathsome Loser has any regrets yet. So far he hasn’t really been punished for his behaviors. I hope and believe that the day when the punishment is arriving soon. Then we’ll see if he has any regrets. Probably not. He’s too deeply into denial of any fault in himself.
    I, for one, don’t care if he has any regrets as long as his punishment is enough to deter future behaviors like those current and in the past.

  4. On his wife’s arm, “trembling and shaking,” he was going to be. Hasn’t he since informed whoever he writes to that he doesn’t have any problem with tremor and never did?

    That’s what he said, but he says lots of things.

    • An expense of spirit in a waste of shame is Bill’s inaction. What happens when he acts does not bear description.

  5. My God. Four years of Dumbfuckness.

    That reminds me, need to stock up on popcorn….between Dumbfuck and his excellent friend, we’re running low.

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