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  1. I’m thinking right about now, the fattest Pedoketeer wishes he could spoliate archives, or have the skills of one Cullen Seabourne when it comes to electronic documents.

  2. Heads up, Michael J. Sorich … You see how he stalks us? If you don’t tell Billy what he wants to hear, he’ll soon be stalking you…your coworkers…your family…etc. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

    • he wrote about zoe barns, aaron walker, ostronick, dan backer, he has a multi year history of attacking lawyers and judges who opposed him. note that he doesnt ptaise any judges or lawyers, since they all have found against him

  3. It’s nearly midnight here and the suspense is killing me. How long till we find a motion to dismiss or an announcement that Cavanaugh Law Firm has withdrawn? My Red Horse is running low!

  4. As much as not knowing what last Thursday was about bugs me, it’s gotta be WORSE for Team Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber. So I’m begging you, Our Gracious Host, do NOT tell us about it any time soon. Let us be the LAST to know about it, AFTER Team Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber finds out.

    Delayed gratification can be a wonderful thing.

  5. “After meeting with Counselor Sorich and determining that he is such an nice young fellow, I have decided not to put him through such an ordeal as this trial. I will be the better man and not pursue this any further. I do not want to destroy the lives of my adversaries.”

    • Was the Fat Blabber told to shut up now and in the future, or go back and try to clean up his act? My guess is TDFS decided on his own GS-13 self that he could un-say what has been said.

      I guess he forgot that the Internet is forever….

    • I find it curious that what BS did, purportedly on the instruction of counsel, is to delete potential evidence. If that is not what he was told to do, well, welcome to the Magic Carpet Ride of the last 4.5 years!

      • gee, can lawyers get into legal trouble if they advise client to do things like hide/delete evidence that might be called for in discovery in a ongoing lawsuit??

        I would HATE it if Mr Sorich got into any legal trouble because his client told people that his lawyer said to do such things…

        • To: Illinois State Bar
          Re: Michael J. Sorich, Conspiracy to hide evidence, Bill Schmalfeldt
          Dear Sirs…

  6. We DEMAND a STATEMENT from the ‘journalist’ about today’s cavalcade.

    You couldn’t keep your maw shut, day and night, for the last 3+/- years, why the clam at low tide now?
    Enquiring Minds want to know.
    (not like we won’t find out anyway)

    Just give us the skinny, whale, least we think your government sanctioned newpapery internetery bullshite is just that.

    oh, wait…….not even a clue?

    We’ll take your ‘non-answer’ as confirmation you were bitch-slapped by a real (tax-payer paid) lawyer telling you to take up Lake Winnebago ice-fishing this March.
    On your scooter.

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