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22 thoughts on “Login

  1. I guess that’s how it is when rejected by family, and even one’s own children don’t want contact – – nothing to do but stalk various blogs from which the loathsome loser has been banned.

      • ^5

        Great point! AFAIK, the lyin’ of Lebanon has been fired from every job it ever had, regardless of ideology, except for: 1) it timed out of the navy, and later bragged about shirking its duties, and 2) went on disability from NIH, though the loathsome loser was “working” from home, and spent waaaay too much time on xmfan forum posting as ‘jovialone’ or something, appearing to average hours daily there during “work” hours.

        There may have been others, but if so, I haven’t heard about them.

  2. BTW – don’t wear yoga pants to your meeting, Chicago is under enough stress:

    So you dared someone to sue you? Going to poke a hole in that narrative of yours the eternal victim of the traveling pants:


    • That makes so much more sense than his monstrosity proving that Pat was Paul, or was it Chris was Howard? Or maybe it was when Robin was Howard?

      They were all pretty much the same thing, so I don’t think it really matters.

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