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It’s no surprise that the Kimberlins did not properly cooperate with discovery in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. (The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin only submitted a disorganized, half-assed pile of non-admissible documents to our discovery requests for Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. after Judge McGann threatened him with not being able to introduce any evidence at trial.) As a result their non-compliance, Aaron Walker filed a motion to compel. Since that initial motion to compel, the twists and turns of the case have made it advisable for Aaron to supplement his original motion.

I find it interesting that The Dread Performer Kimberlin doesn’t want his musical career to be an part of the case.


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  1. The contrast with the Pedo’s actual irrelevant discovery requests in his litigation is amusing. The Pedo is going to lose badly on these motions to compel. Its another example of his incompetence at this litigation game he claims to be so good at.

  2. I have not followed the musical career of the famous Kimberlin. Has it been as full of success as his legal career?

  3. I have followed this saga for years, ever since Andrew Breitbart tweeted that Kimberlin needed some light shown upon him.

    Aaron’s motion is what we’ve been waiting for. It is the creme de la creme. F $!# you Kimberlin. May your sociopathic tiny little @$$ finally get the comeuppance that Breitbart knew you deserved.

    No one, not Bannon or all those other dingleberries of Andrew’s legacy, deserve the praise for following Breitbart’s spirit more than Aaron and John. Andrew is surely laughing his @$$ off in heaven wachting Brett twist, writhe, and squirm in the snare of his own making. Suck it, you pedophaelic, sociopathic, micro-pen!$÷ loser. Andrew gets the last laugh!

    • Andrew Breitbart is not around to state an opinion on his successors. I cannot presume to know how he would feel about those events, but, the facts are that the people Andrew Breitbart trusted are enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump. The balance of the evidence is to the contrary of your thesis: Andrew Breitbart is perhaps in heaven proud that the website he founded has moved from the fringes of political discourse to the center of the Republican campaign.

      • The majority of the people Andrew Breitbart trusted have moved on. Also, his two biggest problems were with media/political incestuousness and bullies. If you want to know how Andrew felt about these things, in his own words, I recommend his book Righteous Indignation.

  4. Mr. Walker didn’t ask about all 400, only the ones about sex with underage girls. Surely, that is a minority of Mr. Kimberlin’s repertoire.


  5. I just worry that the judge will say that exposing jurors to his music will violate the 8th Amendment.

  6. I found Interrogatory 19 very interesting. I was not aware that the adjudicated pedophile had another potential victim. I must have missed that one.

  7. Really?
    He didn’t even bother to try and make some excuse why he was objecting?
    C’mon even lazy college administrators trying to bury stories about grant fraud put more work into deflecting than this. (Or hospitals trying to bury stories about accidents.)
    Hell, I think the various privacy laws in these cases were designed specifically to muddy waters and give hospitals and universities a cardboard wall to hind behind.

    • He’s so used to saying “irrelevant”, “without merit” for anything he doesn’t want to talk about that it’s become a reflex, no conscious thought involved. Not going to work this time, too bad, how sad.

  8. To be fair, answering questions about his (Brett Coleman Kimberlin’s) music might amount to a confession to crimes against humanity.

    As his not-lawyer, I advise him to plead the Fifth against those interrogatories…

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  10. You just know there are lousy rappers and metal acts who sit around and say ‘Thank God we’re not Brett Kimberlin’.

  11. Two thoughts.

    One, this is why discovery sucks. Can you imagine how much work it would take to compile all of this information? Not to mention the time that Aaron would take in combing through the material in order to find relevant information.

    Ever wonder why lawsuits cost millions of dollars? Discovery.

    Two: This should be example #1 of why you don’t file frivolous lawsuits against a lawyer. Eventually he is going to hit back twice as hard. And you are going to be forced to answer some very personal and embarrassing questions.

  12. Good thing Aaron is such a bad attorney. Can you imagine the trouble Brett would be in if he were opposed by a good one?

    • Yeah, poor Aaron… the best he could do was Yale law school. Gotta feel sorry for him; probably when asked where he went to school he mumbles. It’s so difficult to make “Yale” sound like a premier educational facility, you know, like a paralegal course in prison.

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