15 thoughts on “Another 15,000 Documents

  1. The slow walk technique in action. The trickles of information come out so slowly, but the time anything truly damaging comes out it’s “old news” that we should have moved on from: “What difference, at this point, does it make”?

  2. She should be charged; the citizenry should be protesting in the streets until she’s charged; and should repeat as necessary for all of the privileged lawbreakers.

    • But this is the problem with an unprincipled, partisan society.

      How did it get here? Well, one guy gets away with so much, then the next guy goes that far and further.

      People are convinced that because it hasn’t broken anything before, it never will. I’m convinced that that is not the case. At all.

  3. “Prioritize the e-mail” sounds like the benign ones will be released before the election, and, the damning ones after the election.

  4. There are TWO batches of emails that have just been released:
    1. the one blogged about in this post – 15,000 emails found by the FBI, and
    2. Judicial Watch documents, which reveal that Huma Abedin facilitated access to Hillary for hefty donations to the Clinton Foundation – https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/new-abedin-emails-reveal-hillary-clinton-state-department-gave-special-access-top-clinton-foundation-donors/

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