Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

In the first paragraph of the Complaint in the Kimberlin v. McConnell, et al. LOLsuit (that’s the one in which he’s suing the Senators McConnell and Grassley for not moving the Garland nomination to the Supreme Court through the confirmation process), The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin says that part of his duties at Justice Through Music Project is to file lawsuits to vindicate his own personal rights. That suit was dismissed for lack of standing by the U.S. District Court, and it’s now on appeal at the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

I suspect Brett Kimberlin sees sticking his nose into the Garland nomination controversy  as an opportunity to stir up some donations for his not-for-profits, and the JTMP website has a post on the issue.JTMP_judicial_vacancyNote that the post, which has been up for several weeks, has not generated a single comment. That’s unsurprising. Not one of the posts shown on the JTMP Home Page has elicited any comments. Again, that’s not surprising given how little traffic the site generates.

fruitcakeThe odds are that more people will read this post today than will visit the JTMP website this month. I probably never would have written a word about Brett Kimberlin if he hadn’t engaged in his campaign of brass knuckles reputation management and got that unconstitutional peace order against Aaron Walker, and Aaron wouldn’t have been involved if Kimberlin hadn’t engaged in shutuppery against Seth Allen. I wonder—does Brett Kimberlin ever wish he had ignored what Seth Allen was writing?

23 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Another way to phrase that would be “Does Brett Kimberlin ever think it was wrong to have attacked Seth Allen?” I’m going to have to say no.

  1. I’d bet the terrified tiny terrorist blames Seth much more than himself, and TFS, particularly Aaron, most of all. I don’t think the puny pedo ever finds any fault in himself, no matter how heinous his actions. See e.g.: DeLong, Carl; and the Scyphers family.

  2. BK probably regrets attempting to take on TFS. TFS was formed to end the assault on free speech by brass knuckles reputation management legal actions. BK did not understand that TFS was prepared and able to see the fight through to the finish. No matter how BK writes his briefs TFS is there to dissect them like lab specimens. The diversionary cases he orchestrated for his minions are all floundering. BK has now been isolated to a single point by a superior force. He is so overwhelmed by being on the defensive that he has meager resources left with which to attack innocents.This pathetic supreme court nomination case is the best he can do. He is the one caught in his own trap.

  3. His ego will prevent him from blaming anybody other than himself

    Look in the mirror you moron. First, though, get a thick phone book to stand on. Maybe even two

  4. I’m breaking out in red and green dots and there’s a taste in my mouth like nutmeg, waiting for info on hearing success the other day.

  5. It’s true, had BK not started suing everyone under the sun, Seth Allen’s criticisms would have been read by only a comparative few. None of us would ever have heard of him. He could have continued scamming rich liberals out of great gobs of cash, and I would have approved — being that the money they donated would not have gone to more effective liberal pursuits. BK’s outrageous villainy by misuse of the courts has spread his bad reputation far and wide, and he himself is to blame.

  6. Claiming that JTMP pays the Pedo to “vindicate” his individual rights is – as I’m sure all would guess – a violation of their non profit status. Any such expenditures are taxable, and in the case that such expenditures exceed the levels set by law, the non profit status is revocable.

    • Oops. Good thing Democrat administrations have better things to do, like siccing the IRS on the Tea Party and paying $400 million ransom to Iran.

      And golf.

      (No, I’m not dumb enough to believe Republican administrations would show any more interest in BKs penny ante scams.)

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