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Yesterday, I posted the text of Aaron Walker’s reply to the Kimberlins’ joint opposition to his motions for summary judgment against them in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit as it related to Brett Kimberlin. Here is the text of his reply as it relates to Tetyana Kimberlin.


22 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • Frankly, this isn’t savage at all. In contrast to The Pedophile’s slanderous blathering, it’s concise and professional.

        • Even so. And I DO understand why you’re doing this. And this way.

          But I feel bad for Tetyana. She’s boxed in and can’t win. El Kimbo is pointing a metaphorical gun at her. Betcha’-

          • I do not feel sorry for her. The allegation is that she bore false witness. It hardly takes great knowledge of the law to know that is a wrong. She is an adult, not a Clinton. The fact that she may find her husband difficult to deal with is simply irrelevant.

          • I know she didn’t/couldn’t write a word of the documents, and every word was written by a serial bomber responsible for the death of a man…and in some way there can be some sympathy. On the other hand, she tried to get Aaron prosecuted.

            Savage in any sense of the word would be appropriate. Take no prisoners.

  1. As AW will say “case first, blog later”… The suspense must be killing Teh Blab and the rest of Team Pedo…

  2. Really, how dumb to be to say “none” in answer to the question “what evidence do you have”?

    I assume they were trying to do something cleaver, like deny the other side any insight into their supposed case, but really they did not think that through.

  3. How long before Tetyana is standing before a judge disclaiming any knowledge of what has been in all the filings she has filed?

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