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I’ve been informed that The Dreadful Pro-Se Freeloader Schmalfeldt has a post over at one of his myriad wastes of bandwidth in which he published the letter I sent him offering the Cabin Boy™ the opportunity to make a settlement offer prior to the 27 September motions hearing in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. I’m told that he also published the text of his email reply to my letter.

It’s clear from his reply that he doesn’t understand the nature, let alone the details, of the allegations I’ve made against him in my Complaint. It’s also clear that he doesn’t understand the corner he has painted himself into because of his failure to follow the Maryland Rules.


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  1. Team Pedo’s responses have never been about the law, or relevant facts, it has always been about their Egos, and their idiotic responses have been just ego stroking filings.

  2. Cabin Boy and his criminal associates remind of nothing so much as cruder, more vulgar versions of the villains from the 60s Batman TV show.

    Although Cesar Romero’s plans for world domination were better thought out….

    And Burgess Meredith far too tall to play the Pedo.

  3. Hmmm…
    “Judge Shadur sent down another benchslap (credit: Above the Law) this week, this time in the Section 1983 case Roberto Flores-Bahena v. Hovel, et al., 11 C 2671. The victim was Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Sorich, who angered Judge Shadur by asserting affirmative defenses of (1) immunity from punitive damages for official capacity claims (the complaint was clear that the defendant was named in his individual capacity) and (2) “objective reasonableness” (the complaint alleged that the defendant corrections-officer beat plaintiff while he was handcuffed, leaving him with broken ribs, a broken eye socket and a broken nose).

    An earlier order told Sorich that the defenses lacked merit, but Sorich apparently reasserted them in his amended answer. Judge Shadur struck the answer in its entirety and ordered Sorich to beg for mercy:

    Accordingly attorney Sorich is ordered, in accordance with Rule 12(c)(1), to respond on or before September 6, 2011 as to why an appropriate fine should not be imposed on him personally.


  4. I like that he’s bringing the letter to the meeting with his attorney, even though he admits that this guy is not engaged in capacity to defend him in that case. Of course, it’s in order to discuss future litigation. Is he expecting that the court had gifted him with a permanent lawyer? Is it too much to hope that the guy will either refuse to discuss other cases, since that’s not his job, or will bill Bill with the time spent talking about them?

    • I”m going on the assumption that Bill’s welfare lawyer is an honest and competent attorney. He’ll calmly tell Bill that he will work on his behalf on ONE case only and to stop sending him things are that not germane to the case. He will also probably try and tell Bill why he has not case. Bill will get very very angry. Bill mad, Bill smash. Bill go cry in the corner while pissing himself.

      • Bill has trouble hearing what he doesn’t want to hear. I feel sorry for the lawyer because Bill may do more than whine and argue, while hiding as much as he can from a lawyer who will be at great disadvantage trying to manage his dumpster fire of a client.

        • For the praying Lickspittles… a request…

          Kindly keep Mr. Sorich (and, his family and his safety and his reputation and etc., etc., etc.) in your prayers. All of us are more than familiar with Bill Schmalfeldt and his associates (i.e., the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin), and their antics, and the way members of “Team Kimberlin” behave when they are challenged, disappointed, on the losing end of situations, etc.

          Brett Kimberlin set off bombs. Bill Schmalfeldt personally reaches out and touches folks in real life and their families and employers and churches. Bill Schmalfeldt had horrible things to say (that he freely posted online) about Tae Kim (another lawyer who tried to help him) when things didn’t go the way BS saw them playing out.

          Mr. Sorich is in for a long and gross ride on the Bill Schmalfeldt Train of Cray.

          Prayers for wisdom, strength, protection, and honor.

          • All those, plus jackets with wrap-around sleeves, 5150s, and Teh Blab’s enforced absence from the Internet for at least a year.

    • Holy crap I hope so. I remember when Roger got so crazy even his own Mother and Brother evicted him. Good times, good times.

  5. “Not being psychic, I have no idea what to expect on September 27. But if past performance is indicative of future results… I’m not worried.”

    Or one could ask, “has Hoge learned anything from his past legal encounters with me that might make this case play out any differently?”

    But that would involve skating to where the puck will be, not where it was…

  6. And as far as the breach of contract… WHAT contract? A contract to be valid in the State of Maryland requires offer, acceptance and consideration. We each offered to drop our suits. We each accepted the offer of the other. But consideration?

    Consideration: The bargained-for exchange of something of value in return for something of value. Things of value are money, services, goods, promises to do something. Bargained-for exchange means there was a negotiation during which the parties voluntarily agreed to the exchange.

    What was the “consideration”? What did I get from you that was a thing of value? What did you get from me that was a thing of value?
    If we were to argue this in front of a judge, I am certain that the judge would rule there was no valid contract.

    With those paragraphs bill proves that there is and was a legal contract under the laws of Maryland. He must not have read what he wrote.

  7. I can’t code my way out of a damp Kroeger bag, so can someone ‘shop The Johnnie Walker Red Barons head in place of Neville Chamberlain with the infamous letter?

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