75 thoughts on “Qapla’

  1. There is NO TRUTH to the rumor that Judge Mason has ordered Brett to be struck, on the knuckles, with a ruler, by a nun.

  2. It’s not fair! Leaving me in suspenders like that, just as I’m preparing to flee leave the country for a while. I never did like Cliff’s Hangers. They were metal and pointy and made my starched wife-beaters look funny.

  3. Could it be that our Gracious Host finally got the judge to charge him with perjury for all his probable provable lies?

    • Security Said…”Did Debbie Barton finally come forward to testify against Brett?”
      Cue the Intense Organ Music

      Sharky Said…”What about Mrs. Kimberlin? Will she have to wait, too?”
      Cue the even more Intense Organ Music!!!!!!

      Sharky Also Said…”Or does she know already?”
      Cue The Last and Final even Louder Organ Music!!!!

      Tune in for the next episode of Qapla’

  4. I’m not very patient. Is this related to DRIVER FAILURE TO STOP FOR PEDESTRIAN IN CROSSWALK? Because that person had to give a current address.

  5. Wait a second… aren’t we all missing something here?

    There was a hearing, and BK didn’t show up?

    Gee… I wonder what he might be afraid of…?

      • I’m afraid of big, hairy spiders … with fangs … that jump at you … late at night … in the dark … while wearing clown make-up!!!! … the day before you have to go in front of a bunch of people and give a talk …

        So, sometimes, I try to be sympathetic …

    • I’m guessing he wasn’t invited or our host would at least sassasy what the hearing was about.

      • Well I want to know if TK just blew through a crosswalk, or if an actual pedestrian was put in harms way. Also whether she gave the court her true residence.

        • The the address in the court record is the same residence address where the MoCo Sheriff’s Office was unable to server her. Most likely, that is the address the police officer copied from her driver’s license.

          “Ma’am, is this your correct address?”

          Also, the court record shows her correct DOB—again, probably copied from her license.

  6. As an aside, in the heat of summer I hope those people directly impacted by TK soon get to enjoy a dish best served cold.

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