6 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. I’d much rather have a “do nothing” Congress than an activist Congress.

    Better still would be to have an “undo something” Congress.

  2. Just read an article about insurance companies that are dropping out of the Obamacare exchanges at an alarming rate. A Dem congresscritter was quoted as saying that the ACA needed to be fixed but the Republicans haven’t done anything to fix it.
    She seems to forget that that steaming pile was rammed down our throat strictly by Dems in the middle of the night and they OWN that crap. They haven’t tried to fix it either. In some cases a do nothing Congress is what we need. Let that law wither and die on it’s own.

    • She hasn’t forgotten but she desperately hopes the low-information voters have. It wouldn’t do at all to have those who wrote and voted for Obamacare be held responsible for the results.

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