Legal LULZ Du Jour

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UPDATE—The obvious syllogism one can derive from the above is—

Schmalfeldt accused Hoge of the crime of stalking.

Hoge has never been convicted of a crime.

Therefore, Schmalfeldt is a moron.

However, the conclusion may be faulty, at least under the original definition of a moron as an adult with a mental age of 8 to 12. Is the Cabin Boy™ that mature?

178 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@LiberalGrouch16 · 7h7 hours ago

    My advice? Everyone just chill. Leave everything to the professionals. They know what to do. And who to sue, #whoopdedoo!

    ASk em about your scrubbing your twitter timeline and your website and Illinois 219(c) Let the professionals guide you – the last Lawyer the last professional that you hired told you what? Plus all those Judges were professionals as well – did you listen to them? You listened to Randazza right?

    • I suspect that all he heard of what Randazza’s associate told him was that he’d end up paying said associates billables.

      His new lawyer will probably find out quite quickly that Bill has himself claimed to be Krendler, going so far as to file a copyright on works written for and posted at TMZ. (So, is Bill lying in this particular court case filing, or did he file fraudulent papers with the Copyright Office? Inquiring minds want to know.) Not to mention that he has also claimed that he had sent himself the horse poop. I admit I found that interesting seeing as he’d sent me two extortionate emails demanding I tell him who had sent it or else I was going to be doing time in a Federal prison. I will happily forward those emails, complete with headers, to any lawyers who wish to see them. The FBI also had copies forwarded to them, although I do not know how long they keep such information on file.

      I kind of wish I could be a fly on the wall when the subject of the ROs comes up. I suspect a former ASA will find the idea quite laughable that that many different judges in that many jurisdictions all found for the “lying” plaintiffs over the poor innocent disabled widower with PD who just wants them to leave his family out of it.

      • The moment Timothy John Cavanagh of Cavanagh Law Group googles Bill Schmalfeldt, not to mention read about the NINE restraining orders Billy has received in a half-dozen states, that professional is gonna be rushing to have the case dismissed.
        If Billy thinks this lawyer will lie and harass people in the way Billy does, boy is the DUMBF5CK in for a rude awakening.

    • Why on Earth would he listen to someone who doesn’t reinforce what he thinks? The Randazza firm was just out to bully him as well, dontchaknow?

    • I’m confident our widely beloved host is in the process of providing a lesson it will be impossible for even a dementia-addled DUMBF5CK to forget.

      • His repeated assertions of “character assassination” bring his long and storied history of public proclamations into the record, as well.

        Given the things that Lolcow Billy has said and done in public, even the greatest lawyers on Earth won’t be able to save Oliver Wendell Jones. There’s also the small matter that he constantly republished his own supposed “libel” including in books that remain on the market, which is fantastically damaging to his case.

        The last point might require some explanation. The whole point of a libel action is to expunge it from public view. That the Diminished Capacity Kid repeatedly repackaged it and sold it with the intent of profiting from it suggests that he doesn’t think that it was all that damaging at all. He can engage in the spoliation of his Twitter timeline and blogs (they are many for they are legion) all he wants. His books physically exist and will continue to.

        Has he, or does he plan to, mention that to his shiny new welfare lawyers? Of course not. And it’ll be fantastic to watch that bite him on his ample ass. Once they read their clients own books, he’s cooked. Period.

        Have I ever mentioned how much I love it when idiots litigate?

        • Oh, nonpareil Neal… it would be so very, very wonderful if the poor lawyer had to read all of those “books” and then when the IFP is successfully challenged, the loathsome loser had to pay for the numerous hours, and the barf bags.

          • The Diminished Capacity Kid copyrighted his own supposed libel. He actually owns much of it.

            If I only I could watch him try to explain that to his welfare lawyers.

          • I know! I’m sure we could crowd fund a significant sum if only the lawyer would live-stream that meeting… hahahaha

          • He’s soo clever. Writing that someone rapes his kids and then deletes its a day later after bringing it to 1 billion people’s attention on twitter

            He’s got everyone cold….

  2. Purloined Parodies > Chitown law • 11 hours ago

    I think I’m in for an interesting and instructive year. And if any good comes of this, if this enterprise retracts and retreats, then everything I went through will be worth it. I hope that by association that this will benefit Brett and Tetyana, their daughter, and Will and Matt and everyone else who has had their lives stained by these amoral cretins.

    Purloined Parodies > Purloined Parodies • 10 hours ago

    Of course the proper thing to do is to start smearing the lawfirm, which is exactly what’s going on over at Hoggy World. Because the Judge probably didn’t even read the complaint in the month she had it, and the lawfirm (which gets paid regardless) was forced under penalty of torture to accept the case.

    Purloined Parodies > Chi town law • 8 hours ago

    Well, I will say her honor took her time to review the case. More than a month. In Maryland, I had an IFP motion approved in 4 days. From what you are saying, I guess I understand the delay.

    • Furiously scrubbing his websites and Twitter Feeds –

      Guess he didn’t read this:

      II. What are the possible sanctions?

      Possible sanctions can be found in Supreme Court Rule 219. Rule 219(c) provides that remedies may be those that are just and include “among others”: (i) staying the proceedings until the order is complied with; (ii) barring the party from filing any other pleading relating to any issue to which the refusal relates; (iii) barring the offending party from maintaining a particular claim, counterclaim, third-party complaint, or defense relating to that issue; (iv) barring witnesses from testifying concerning that issue; (v) entering a default judgment or a dismissal against the offending party as to claims or defenses about which the issue is material; (vi) striking any pleading relating to that issue; (vii) where a money judgment is entered for fees or expenses, order interest to be paid for the period of pre-trial delay caused by the behavior.

      This Also has got to hurt:

      The provision goes on to allow for “an appropriate sanction” that may include reasonable expenses incurred as a result of the misconduct such as attorney’s fees and allows where the misconduct is willful, permits a monetary penalty to be assessed and collected. The court must state the reasons and basis of any sanction imposed under 219(c).

      So someone writes that I repeatedly raped my daughters then lo and behold minutes after he is granted an IFP and an free lawyer – poof they are gone – both from Twitter (who has preserved the Tweet – Sorry Bill – they have when you created it and when you deleted it and will furnish it along with an affidavit) and from a website. Also I have several witnesses who saw it, and will give affidavits making it admissible in court without authentication.

      One act can be considered a mistake, two is a deliberate act in bad faith which is a TORT in Illinois.

      You really screwed up – first by writing something that you knew was false – (you quote Wisconsin statutes constantly but fail to understand that they pertain to everyone including you)

      All because you can’t stand the sunlight of stuff you posted on the internet that discredits you.

    • He HAD the right to remain silent – he now just said he’s filing these suits for Brett Kimberlin….

      What an idiot

    • “smearing the lawfirm”??? I don’t see anyone smearing the welfare lawyer… that’s an honorable pursuit, to provide legal guidance to those worse off who need it. All I see is expressions of pity for having to deal with a deranged cyberstalker who couldn’t buy a clue with a gift card from parker brothers. I guess the hallucinatory persecution complex now compels him to white knight for anyone mentioned in the same sentence. I know my reserve of pity has run out for this troll, but maybe the welfare lawyer has some left and can recommend a welfare shrink, so he can get back to helping actual DESERVING clients.

      • Hey, such noted lawyers as Ken White would agree they need a sense of humor to defend Bill. I cite the time when one William Schmalfeldt, aka Bill Sschmalfeldt (spelling his own name in court documents isn’t his strong suit. Not sure what his strong suit is, but basic spelling is out) suggested that an LA Assistant DA, Patrick Frey, and his attorney Ken White should be kneecapped with tire irons:

        Yes, if you are reading this, if this is the guy you are defending, BIll Schmalfeldt is suggesting an attorney should be kneecapped with tire irons (but never baseball bats) for defending a client if William Schmalfeldt does not approve of the client.

        Have a pleasant evening, sir, and remember: The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt. But quoting one of the attorneys he has threatened is also effective.

      • Another futile, transparent attempt by DUMBF5CK Bill Schmalfeldt to make his critics shut up. Won’t work. #shutuppery

  3. And guess what the barrage of things that you said and posted – in your own name, many times with your own picture and are publically still available there is no stalking crime nor harassment crime nor defamation to use your own posts.

    You really screwed up – look we lived in the middle east, in Indonesia, for 10 years – we saw classmates killed when Bin Laden died – where all my kids were targets of a horrifying death – you don’t fucking scare me Bill, nor my children.

    Coward – cant even stand behind your own words……

  4. If I were scrubbing websites and twitter feeds in a case that I brought in Illinois – first I wouldn’t still be trying it on the internets and then I would remember this thingy from the Illinois Supreme Court

    allows where the misconduct is willful, permits a monetary penalty to be assessed and collected

    So now a third article in 24 hrs has gone “Poof”

    one a mistake
    two a willfull act
    three – misconduct – sanctions, loss of suit, barred from suing, and a MONETARY PENALTY


  5. Hey Bill yesterday you had 134 tweets – today after being granted your lawyer 53 qre missing including the one’s that you pointed to the “missing” article that you wrote saying that I raped my daughters.

    Have any comment before this is brought not only to your attorneys attention but also to the courts attention – see under Illinois law – no wait – better you find out on your own,….

    Thanks to all of you who have saved all of Bill’s stuff – Illinois has strict rules and hey its even a tort to scrub websites and tweets when a lawsuit is even being contemplated much less actually filed.

    • All of this presupposes that his lulsuit welfare survives a challenge, which it likely won’t. David Edgren’s pointing that out less than a year ago caused Lolcow Billy to dismiss with prejudice and flee (Breitbart Unmasked’s word, not mine, which Plaintiff did nothing to correct in his approving comment) to Wisconsin.

      Because I know that the Diminished Capacity Kid’s welfare lawyer will be reading this during his research of the case, I’ll lay out what his client won’t.

      In the summer of 2015, Plaintiff filed what I call Lulzsuit V in Wisconsin and was granted IFP status. The aforementioned Mr. Edgren challenged IFP on the grounds that Plaintiff not only liquidated assets immediately prior to filing, he admitted to doing so in public on Twitter, on his blog and i at least one of his podcasts. He then deleted all of those admissions, which had already been preserved. Upon being advised of the challenge, Plaintiff dropped the suit and fled the jurisdiction. I know this because Plaintiff, in defiance of basic common sense, published his negotiations with Mr. Edgren online, screaming “EXTORTION!”

      Earlier this year, Plaintiff filed Lulzsuit VI in Wisconsin, which was subsequently dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

      Then, in July, before filing Lulzsuit VII in the appropriate venue, he made sure to blow through the remainder of his money and filed an IFP application with the federal court in Illinois. His experience from the previous year means that he knows or should know that this isn’t kosher. It’s also noteworthy that this is at least the fourth IFP filing of the fabled Oliver Wendell Jones. The first two were also filed in Maryland. The first couldn’t be ruled on because Plaintiff ran away after less than 48 hours, and the second was denied by the Court.

      Unlike his client, Schmalfeldt’s attorney has certain legal and ethical obligations to uphold and cannot knowingly make false arguments in defense of a challenge to the current IFP application. In fact, as an officer of the Court, he’s required to advise the judge of any and all irregularities.

      Since Plaintiff has claimed in the past to have copies of everything he’s ever published online, he should be able to provide them to his counsel before any improper arguments are made before the Court.

      This should be great fun to watch.

  6. The advantage of BIll having counsel is that , if competent and working on his behalf with vigor, they will help to ratchet him down into the real world.

  7. Be sure to mention the phone calls you made to me, to the local paper, to the sheriffs department and then the calls to others, spouses, churches etc. YOU need to share that with your lawyers – or they can drop you from the suit, in front of the judge. Withholding public facts, withholding material evidence. Also disappearing twitter accounts, blog posts – not good there Bill, not good.

    Also by commenting on BU you just brought them to Illinois which is going to suck for them especially now we can find out who all those anonymous commentators are.

    Also you need to come clean about your faking being a reporter for the MSJ and calling me asking about them doing a story about you – remember they can give an affidavit in court that at no time did they even contemplate doing a story about you.

    Good Job Bill, keep on talking.

  8. Bill,

    Where did this article go and the tweets about it?


    Did EPWJ Abuse His Daughters?

    Admin/August 14, 2016/ Leave a comment

    I have reasons to suspect that Eric P. Johnson may have abused his daughters.

    I have no proof. Just suspicions.

    I know his wife would rather live in Indonesia than with him in his Paris, TN, tar-paper shack.

    Wonder what his lawyer thinks about his client deleting articles written the day before the IFP and legal aid were granted?


    Bill we have the affidavits the article, the timestamps, the photo’s the testimonials and we can get affidavits from your host and your IP.

    Be sure to bring all this deleted material to the office when you meet with your attorney

      • Oh I think if they were prudent that they already know, and are looking at it now. If they don’t, well, they will find out soon enough.

      • The Vault is the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s biggest enemy (“The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.” — hat tip: Stacy McCain)… however, it will serve BS’s new welfare attorney much time.

        You’re welcome, Mr. Sorich.

        BTW — Mr. Sorich and his loved ones have been added to my prayer list. He will need them.

  9. So Bill where are the tweets you deleted yesterday – the ones where you attacked several people and defamed them? Do we have copies? Does your lawyer know you have been deleting social media and blog writings after he was appointed?

    Should you tell him or should we

    Thinking you might need to call him this morning…

  10. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@LiberalGrouch16 · 4m4 minutes ago

    And which depiction of events in the article does he claim was defamatory? @wjjhoge is grasping straws. #jokesuit

    He just cant keep quiet, oh his attorney is going to love that Bill is already arguing his cases on the internets again…..

    Doom clock Dropped by Friday?

  11. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@LiberalGrouch16 · 1m1 minute ago

    The freakout and meltdown over at Hoggy Town is epic. Just chill and let the professionals do their work. #relax

    Sure Bill, sure – lets let you decide what can be said, heh. 8 Judges in 5 states, lawyers as well – sure this time take their advice

    prediction dropped by friday

  12. We know you’re watching, Bill.

    I’m betting money that Hoge repurposes your red scooter into an EVA vehicle.

  13. Bill

    hey where’d the other tweets go?

    Remember to mention the social media and work articles you deleted after being granted the IFP – oh and all the other articles since July 11th

    bet its more than 30.




      • It should be interesting to see how he gets to Chicago to see young Mr. Sorich considering that he swore under oath to a Maryland court that travel might KILL him! Also, the Lion of Lebanon specifically said on Twitter upon filing Lulzsuit VII that he had no intention of actually going to Chicago to see the case through. He’s also made similar statements regarding North Carolina.

        Having an officer of the Court advising our Lolcow is going to be so awesome!

      • Does he honestly think that will work? Does he not know people have been archiving his shit for some time?

        Poor Bill. If you’d pulled your horns in, showed some degree of remorse, you might’ve extricated yourself from this mess with minimal pain. But you’re so pathetically devoted to Brett Kimberlin, you’re going to, figuratively speaking, immolate yourself on his behalf.

        You could’ve done so many other things. Shuffleboard. Gardening, PC gaming. Travel. But this is going to be your legacy: madness piled upon stupidity, soon to be consigned to an archive as a cautionary tale.

  14. Bill Schmalfeldt – ‏@LiberalGrouch16

    This is Sarah Palmer, “Ashterah”, who posted the image of me elbow-dropping my dying wife — sans whiteout. #nice

    still having the right to remain silent but still not poesessing the wisdom to do so #droppedbyfriday

  15. ATTN: ALL –

    I’m sure no one here would even consider contacting the fat freak’s lawyer, or anyone else connected to the loathsome loser. The named defendants will handle their case through their respective counsel, and will let us know if we can be of help.

    That said, if we joke about it at any of the TFS blogs, we’ll be blamed for whatever may come from any other source. It’s a big internet, and the grotesque ghoul is widely despised, so anything can happen. We shouldn’t set up the named defendants to take the blame for it, please.

    • Quite true. I’m sure his legal team could show a video of whoever contacted them, with full legal name and address as well as an affadavit listing every online alias ever used, and Bill would still swear that it was a specific horde member, and he’d even swear which one, even though the handle wasn’t among the list or the contactor’s sex is wrong for that handle. If nothing else, he would certainly insist that whoever it was was one of the defendants minions.

      So yes, indeed, let’s leave it all to the lawyers.

    • I think it should be noted that Bill has to go to Chicago to discuss the case with his attorneys. He’s already bloviating about how he thinks this is going to go for him.

      I would say this – stock up on popcorn. There will be a lot of lulz.

    • On the other hand, Bill Schmalfeldt has been defaming a number of posters here on a regular basis. The victims of Bill Schmalfeldt’s harassment have every right to send a cease and desist demand. Bill Schmalfeldt, himself, has directed that those requests go to his attorney.

        • I’m sure you’re joking, Doh!, but just in case anyone doesn’t, I’ll reiterate:

          Please don’t interfere in this case unless the named defendants ask for help. When BSB is a named defendant and he wants opposing counsel inundated with c & d’s, I’m sure many will be happy to oblige his request, no matter how damaging we may feel it could be. It would be his case, after all, and his loss, or his issue if opposing counsel is alienated or worse, motivated.

          Meanwhile, I hope the horde honors the requests of the actual named defendants who do have something on the line, who aren’t anonymously spouting off and maybe jeopardizing someone else, which so far has been nothing.

          • BSB this isn’t his counsel of record he has been retained for the purpose of this one suit – so sendin any correspondence to a lawyer is first not advised and second meaningless since not only is Bill out of state – its just prejudicial if not worded correctly

            Bill has hung himself, he has admitted now three times that he deleted things because they would make him look bad – I’m sure his lawyer is going to be if not already reading all these posts so writing is meaningless because he already knows

          • BPO and Jane have good points – first, as much as BS’s posturing may have created the impression that he has general representation by this firm, he does not. Sending them letters, emails, etc., to ask them to tell Bill yo leave you alone, is pointless and irrelevant. Second, if you are not being sued, it is wise not to behave in a manner that may impact on litigation strategies of which we know nothing.

        • Bad Idea Doh! This can only harm the named defendants with absolutely zero upside. Please allow the defendants and their attorney to direct any and all communication with the Cabin Boy and his attorney.

  16. I do hope that Lolcow Billy tells young Mr. Sorich about his setting up an account at Kiwi Farms for the purpose of antagonizing defendant Patrick Grady and turning the attention of its members against him. I also hope he doesn’t leave out how spectacularly it backfired on a DUMBFUCK.

    It certainly wouldn’t do for counsel to learn about these things from a Motion to Dismiss. Or a counterclaim.

  17. This does not affect WJJ Hoge III’s non-starter lawsuit in Carrol County, MD.

    Bill means the law suite in which is for all intents and purposes in default.

    I think that Bill is soon to be crying when his attorneys explain in regards to his suing “Paul Krendler” the terms res judicata, estoppel, and self-incrimination.

    • I feel sorry for his assigned counsel, although they probably do get their share of crazies and will have seen some of this type of behaviour before. Dealing with querulous types is never easy, but this one is likely to be constantly mortifying them and wasting their best efforts.

  18. I wonder if Mr. Michael Sorich of the Cavanagh Law Group is aware that both of the named defendants hold valid restraining orders against William “Bill” Schmalfeldt of St. Francis, WI, who filed suit in Cook County, IL?

  19. If Bill’s new lawyer doesn’t act quickly to withdraw the lawsuit, I will have to make sure he is informed of Bill’s allegation in the last lawsuit where Bill claimed the Harassment Prevention Order I obtained against Bill was based on a tweet, and contrast that with Bill’s own letter to the court for that Harassment Prevention Order hearing where Bill discusses his phone calls and emails to me, and never mentions Twitter or tweets. In other words, I will show his lawyer how Bill knowingly and purposely lies in court documents, and can prove it with court documents only – not web archives, blog comments, anonymous emails, or Twitter saves – actual court documents. His lawyer will just love that!

    • Except she didn’t. If you see her blog, she posted a link, not the photo. The person who posted the unredacted photo this morning is BS, and then he deleted the tweet.

        • His claim that he has carte blanche to spoliate is gonna go over real well with Attorney Sorich.

          Afternoon, Barrister!

          • Michael J. Sorich, Esq. is soon going to wonder what he did in a past life to deserve a DUMBF5CK like Schmalfeldt as a client. I might just have to suspend my policy of never pitying anything that befalls a lawyer! 😀

    • So let me understand this-

      DUMBF5CK has set up yet another new site? How many is this? Doesn’t that take money? Is his IFP application discoverable?

      Where does The State get off paying for a civil suit? I hate my gardiner and want to sue him; so the state will pay for my lawyer?

      This just gets weirder and weirder-

        • How much is the Scooty-puff worth? More that $1K most likely… Or is it so contaminated to not be ‘disposable property’?

        • Lotta perjury in that there document. I seem to remember Gail leaving him a “windfall” and enough money to pursue his legal claims, like Captain Ahab, until enough time is passed for J.J. Abrams to do a remake. I was waiting for the closeup: “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!fourty-two!!!!!!”

          And that doesn’t count lots of side expenses like his hippy dippy electronic DF_ready guitar-ish. You know, to allow “music” to those with no skill. Pity they also sell them to those with neither skill nor taste.

          I’m still not clear why a single guy making $36k before his lies, gets IFP status and his own, pro bono, PROSECUTING attourney. I just don’t get it. I guess I’ll just sit back, watch him rack up the bills, and wait for the challenge to IVP. Edgren challenged him on IVP. He fled to Wisconsin. If Walker does it, will he flee to Alaska? Nope, too close to Edgren. Montana? This was a major El Nino year, Bill may think he’s seen Wisconsin cold, but no, no he has not. Not even close. Wisconsin cold is looking at the weather channel, and seeing the temp in Minneapolis is the only thing that makes you feel warm. At least I’m not there.

          But damned if Brennan’s doesn’t sell a might fine cheese.

          – M

  20. “There is no law saying I can not erase entire blogs and Twitter timelines if I wish. There is no restriction placed on me by competent authority to retain all documents. So all the whining about “he’s despoiling evidence” is just whining. It’s not evidence until someone sues me. And then, if it’s included in your complaint, you can do what you will with it. At the moment, I can do whatever I wish to it.”

    Someone needs to call his lawyer today!

    • Shhhh. Let him labor under his delusions. THe results will be pretty sensational.

      Besides, it seems to me that someone actually IS suing him.

    • I read that little paragraph to my dog, he jumped up and kicked his cat. Outside he had to go, put his nose to the ground, took a couple minutes to find the perfect spot and expressed his opinion and a mighty big one it was.

      • Lawyer: “Wait, they have a vault? Like they keep all your stolen gold there, like Krieggerands (Archer says they’re a good investment) and bars?

        Bill: “Well, not gold so much. More like Myanium. You know, the toxic shit that comes out of my ass.”

        Lawyer: “You mean, Uranium?”

        Bill: “Yeah, that’s it. They call it weapons-grade stupid. It spills out onto the internet from time to time. Can I sue them for quoting me under the test ban treaty?”

          • Nah, Wisconsin has this thing called the Tavern Guild. The cops are pretty well hamstrung on DUIs. And I remember back in ’93 meeting a guy from Missouri while the state we were in was voting on an “open container law.” For most of you, you know, where the driver can’t be drinking, and neither can the passengers. It avoids the whole “Oh shit it’s the cops, hold this!” defense. The kid from MO said, “I don’t thing Anheuser Busch would let the state do that.”

            No idea how things are in MO, but it’s pretty hard to get a DUI in WI. Especially on a Scooty-Puff. I hope Hoge gets it in settlement and builds another Mars Rover from the chassis. It’s a Red Planet. Vroom!

    • Holy shit, he’s stupid. Not the least of the reasons for this is the delusion that he’s making this stuff disappear. The internet is forever, dumbf5ck, especially when you spew into it.

    • Goodness. Anyone who has worked for a living gets the “document retention” lesson — usually around the annual ethics refresher. Ours is wrapped into the information security policy lecture.

  21. I do so love Fed to Fed phase when Bill gets uppity and starts threatening the smote from on high for all and sundry and exactly no one quakes in their boots. I wonder which super duper high level official will be claimed to be about to eviscerate the DF harriers? Will there be an African tinge detected this time? I’m all aquiver with anticipation.

      • They’d have talked to some of us. It’s not like we’re hard to find, or career criminals hiding our residences from the law and courts.

  22. 2 hours ago for the SECOND time in 24 hrs (or was it the third) that he wasn’t going to write anymore about the case and now:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@LiberalGrouch16 · 2m2 minutes ago

    You write it, I think it will help prove the case, I use it. Simple, right?

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@LiberalGrouch16 · 4m4 minutes ago

    Unlike some, I don’t manufacture evidence. I just use what is given to me, or that which I find on websites.
    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@LiberalGrouch16 · 5m5 minutes ago

    I have a meeting next week, asked to bring as much documentation as I can. Don’t mind me. Just using what’s there.

    • opps he’s not done yet – no way he makes it to next weeks meeting, no way

      Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@LiberalGrouch16 · 1m1 minute ago

      I must say, though, I love the predictions of doom from the same people who have had me behind bars for 3 years now

  23. I’ve been trying to understand exactly what it is he is gaining by calling “Logins” evidence. Well, mostly, I’ve never understood what evidence he’s ever presented that even amounts to one in the first place.

    I would so love to be the fly on the wall in the room listening to him rant about how tracking his views amounts to a tort. I would probably sprain all my lulz muscles and fall off the wall.

    Incidentally, raising the issue of “manufacturing evidence” is probably not something he wants to bring up.

    I see he is running off at the mouth full steam since he has a legal team assigned to him. It will be interesting to see where this goes after his on site consultation. By the way, doesn’t he also have an appointment in Maryland around the same time?

    Shakes, I gotta admit – you’re taking dumbf***ery to a whole new level. Congrats, bro!

  24. HE just wrote a post why he can delete anything cause there’s no authority or note or law preventing him from doing so. Bill just actually wrote he can do what he wants and he did.

    Something the SUPREME COURT OF ILLINOIS may find different:

    There are circumstances when destroying potential evidence before a request for its production was ever made can lead to sanctions even if there is no specific statute that required the records be kept. The Illinois Supreme Court noted that failure to produce relevant evidence because it was destroyed prior to filing a lawsuit can be sanctioned because of the duty a potential litigant owes to preserve relevant and material evidence.

    Oppsie poopsie talk about pooing on mamas chair


    • Yes, he’s citing a case about negligent spoliation by a defendant, when what BPO is talking about is deliberate spoliation by a plaintiff.

      • and confirming it, on the internet, in the same medium that the evidence was erased and he thankfully authenticated all those deleted tweets by referring to them which makes the defenses job much easier – (not educating the monkey because his lawyer will shortly and the deed has been done)

        Judges hate this HATE IT. I’ve seen prominent attorneys threatened with JAIL for losing a document on their desk in a trial – I can only imagine the scene when a judge asks him – “you wrote about someone raping his daughters then posted pictures of them on twitter then admitted you deleted them while suing his codefendants and threatening to sue him if he doesn’t stop researching your writing? Is that correct Mr Schmalfeldt?” I doubt mentioning the Judge had gogglie eyes will schmalain this one away there skippy


    • But SURELY you’re aware of the Plaintiff Immunity Doctrine, right?
      “My lawyer’s job will be to prove that the defendants are liable. Flooding him with old tweets, posts, and whatever else you have that you claim comes from me doesn’t change a thing. If you are suing ME, that’s evidence. But I am suing the Defendants. So it is NOT evidence. There is no law saying I can not erase entire blogs and Twitter timelines if I wish. There is no restriction placed on me by competent authority to retain all documents. So all the whining about “he’s despoiling evidence” is just whining. It’s not evidence until someone sues me. And then, if it’s included in your complaint, you can do what you will with it. At the moment, I can do whatever I wish to it.”
      This is just too good!

      • With the involvement of knot, EDiots, and kiwifarmers, admonishments against improper contact of various parties is probably moot. Bill has become a target of derision by multiple groups. His odds of successfully stopping them are even less than the odds of the Donald winning the election. If he shuts down TFS, the other groups may look upon it as a challenge, and double down in their efforts to get him to perform lulz worthy acts.

  25. Okay so he deleted dozens of tweets, a blog or two, and now writes that he had the right to do it cause he was the plaintiff and had no duty to preserve documents that would be exculpatory to the opposing party.

    Don’t think that’s how it works……


    • Oh and Bill, sending threatening emails to potential litigants, witnesses tend to also make judges go crazy. Last time you wrote a letter threatening someone you are still screaming it was forged because – *prison* bandwidth is limited.

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