12 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. See, Bill could easily hit those numbers, if he just stuck with one blog and left it up until (calculating) July 15th, 2733.

    • hahaha

      You’d think the loathsome loser would eventually figure out that post after post about its vile self and those it hates isn’t working.

    • Dr_Mike, the error in your thought is that you’re not thinking like B.S. You’re thinking about *genuine* traffic.

      B.S. cheats.

      First, Biwwy can spam F5 at a rate of 70 per second (who says Parkinsons is all bad?), but that’s mitigated by the time it takes for the page to load. So, let’s say he can refresh once per second until Comcast or Century Link decides they’re fed up with not being paid. Under that theory, he could accomplish the hit count in 5,000,098 seconds. Or just under 58 days.

      Getting the comments would be a little trickier. He could just have his radio twit feed thing autopost to his blog, though (assuming he could figure out how to do that). Suppose an average of 4 minutes per song, then it would take 397,756 minutes to get to 99,439 “comments.” That’s just a tad over 276 days.

      Both of those still take too much work that could be better used downing Johnny Walker. Therefore, what he’ll do is provide the Alexa data for his website showing that he gets more hits than Hoge, except that he’ll forget to Photoshop over three of the times it says “Google.com” in the data.

  2. Your tormenters have appropriately begun to supersize the side order of Jelly that comes with their Butthurt Combo.

  3. The way I read it, you’re a failure because you haven’t hit 100,000 comments yet.


    … RATS this comment brings you one nearer the mark… /sarc /sarc

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