Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Part Deux

Here’s the text of the motion for summary judgment Aaron Walker filed last week against Tetyana Kimberlin in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

Here are the affidavits that Aaron and I submitted in support of the motion.

I’ll post the Kimberlins’ joint opposition later this evening.

17 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Part Deux

  1. Let me see if I have this straight:
    The wife of convicted drug smuggler, perjurer, serial bomber and adjudicated pedophile Brett Kimberlin has, by pleading the fifth, caused any testimony she might make on any of the topics listed be more or less prohibited? No necessarily true but without any witnesses or testimony, how do you prove anything?
    I feel a bit sorry for parts of Team Kimberlin.

    • Abused partners very often willingly cooperate with their abuser out of a combination of fear and paradoxical loyalty – stockholm syndrome, basically – a to the point where they will appear to be self-sabotagingly malicious. This happens because they’re isolated by their abuser and prevented from having a balanced view of the world.

      It’s how cults work, too.

  2. Aaron’s filings reveal the Kimberlins to be unprincipled, profligate liars. May these scoundrels get whatever legal penalties they deserve.

    • He just can’t resist tossing a turd into the punch bowl, can he? Then he looks around and asks why no one likes him.

      • You know what’s funny about Bill Schmalfeldt’s comment? The fact that he turned out to be right about something. The Milwaukee police chief has stated that the police officer involved was wearing a body camera, and that he has reviewed the video and it showed the following:

        1) The criminal who was shot was holding a gun in his hand.
        2) The police officer ordered him to drop the gun.
        3) The criminal refused to drop it, and instead began to raise it in the direction of the officer.
        4) The officer (quite reasonably, IMHO) did not wait for the gun to be pointed directly at him, and fired, hitting the criminal in the arm and the chest.

        The police chief also stated that the body-camera video would be released to the public in a few days. It is extremely unlikely that he would lie about a video and then release it to the public, so there are only two possiblities:

        1) The police chief, faced with riots in his town, promised to release a video that he never had any intention of releasing, even though he knows that that action would increase the riots. OR…

        2) The police chief was telling the exact truth about the video’s contents, it will be released shortly as he promised, and this shooting will prove to be entirely justified… and Bill Schmalfeldt will have been right about something.

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