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    Bill Wrote on May 17th that REAGAN WAS IN HELL. Then 3 days later when Sen Kennedy was circling the drain (one of the great days in America) he wrote this:


    As someone who has had his own experience with brain-related maladies, I feel connected to this issue. I wear a silver lapel pin every day to mark my committment to the issue. I’ve had volunteer surgery to further the cause of research. I feel quite qualified, thank you, to feel sad for whoever the fuck I want to feel sad about.

    Senator Kennedy has been a champion for health care in this country. And now, he’s going to embark on a whole new journey that idiots like you, Don, could never understand or would wet themselves in fear if they did.

    This is not a time for “fun” or “jokes.” Ted Kennedy was an imperfect servant who has done more good for more people than you or anyone like you could do in a dozen lifetimes.

    Have fun. Make your jokes. But remember… karma is a bitch.

    Oh notice the silver lapel pin, (stolen valor? )

    • Ted Kennedy’s political career was an unending series of disasters for the people of the United States. If you ask people about his “signature issues” they’ll say those areas of American life are messed up — education, health care, and immigration.

      Ted Kennedy *LITERALLY* offered to ally himself with the Soviets against the President of the United States. This wasn’t an aside comment — he sent his mouthpiece *TO THEM* to make the offer.

      The most comforting thought it that Ted Kennedy is getting what he deserves in the after life. Perhaps he’s trapped in a flooding car, for all eternity…

    • “But remember… karma is a bitch.” Reading that nearly truly made me laugh out loud. He really has no self-awareness at all, does he.

  2. And the milder gentle Bill who has already on the same forum threatened to rape a teenager, was for some unknown reason nicknamed Twitchy the Kid Toucher, accused of creating false I
    D’s on the forum to smear those who called him out on his billshit

    Oh yes – the first known sighting of “Above it all Bill”


    • Assuming that, according to some other links you have posted, he believes in Heaven and Hell he’d better hope God either can’t read what’s in his heart or decides for some reason to ignore it.

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