Legal LULZ Du Jour

Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson doesn’t seem to understand how lawsuits work.SA201608130417Z

I did not ask the court for permission to sue. I sued Brett Kimberlin and several other persons and entities, including William Ferguson. The Circuit Court for Carroll County issued a summons to him.

He evaded service by mail, but was personally served by a Sutter County, California, Deputy Sheriff. He filed a timely motion to dismiss which will be considered at the upcoming motions hearing on 27 September. (It is so specious that it probably would have been disposed of quickly a Bill Schmalfeldt’s, but I asked for a hearing in my opposition.) If he doesn’t show up for the hearing and isn’t represented by a lawyer at the hearing, the court will most likely deny his motion for failure to appear. Otherwise, the court will probably deny it on the merits. According to the Rules, he will then have 15 days to answer the Complaint or be in default. Here’s his motion to dismiss.

The silliest part isn’t in the motion itself. It’s the certificate of service which certifies that he served himself with a copy. As can be seen in my opposition to his motion, he failed to serve me.

I have to admit that not everything in the case that relates to Ferguson has proceeded as I have foreseen. His stupidity has vastly exceeded my initial estimation.

27 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

    • Did the people writing that magazine know that Lenny Bruce was already dead for 22 years when they wrote it? Were they implying that a dead man should fear the end of the world, or that he was, by some secret means, not dead?

  1. I will say at least Ferguson tries to make a stab at doing some research, even if it isn’t exactly based on the arguments presented by our host. Ultimately though that lack may prove insufficient.

  2. “His stupidity has vastly exceeded my initial estimation.”

    Did he really think that he was some kind of legal wizard by only serving himself?

    FiFi’s stupidity is so great, that he make Bwilly look almost as smart as a rock.

  3. I’m guessing that WJJH’s IQ is more than +3SD.
    Dealing with folks with IQs in the turnip range must be a challenge to his patience.

    • To be fair, Hoge spends his days designing things to be hurled into space and FiFi spends his smoking dope, making bad music, and expressing his desire to screw 14 year olds.

      • Not to take anything away from Hoge (God no), but a lot of the concepts for basic rocketry and aeronautics have been set down for a while. Granted, there’s always room for surprises, but as one engineer told me, nowadays it’s just making sure you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. In other words, making sure you get all the details down.

        And this shows in Hoge’s handling of Team Kimbergarden. He’s been carefully paying attention to the details, and the stress fractures in their strategy are getting bigger all the time.

  4. Didn’t The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber also declare that he had served himself instead of Our Gracious Host at least once?

    I guess when you can’t get 14-year-old girls to service you, you have no other options but to service yourself…

  5. Didn’t one of them already serve themselves before?

    They really don’t seem to understand how this works….

  6. Wait wait wait…

    You have to ask the court for permission to sue?

    So according to this theory, Bill Schmalfeldt has technically never sued anyone? That’s not what Bill says.

    When it comes to rational thought – wait, I don’t think they’ve really ever had one. Nevermind.

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