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The Gentle Reader who has been following The Saga of Team Kimberlin may remember the bravado with which William Ferguson approached his being named a defendant in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

He was oh-so-certain that the suit was doomed before it got off the ground.S_A201605152234ZAnd then, when the court ordered him to appear at a hearing on 27 September, he tweeted this—SA201607290833ZYesterday’s mail brought an envelope explaining the likely significance of that tweet with expect to Ferguson.FiFI Envelope redactedThe Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson can’t be found by the Postal Service at the address where he received mail for several months, and he’s left no forwarding address. It looks as if he’s trying to hide.

As things stand now, Bill Schmalfeldt is the only defendant who is not trying to hide and/or is not refusing to inform the court of his correct address. Gentle Reader, what does that tell you about the bravery of the other members of Team Kimberlin?

Oh, one more thing … I don’t intend to answer Ferguson question about finding defendants just yet. He is likely to learn the answer the hard way.

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  1. May I suggest that a team has profound strategic problems when Lolcow Billy Schmalfeld is considered “the brave one.”

    • hahahaha

      The loathsome loser would have hidden in someone’s basement to avoid service, but no one would allow its vile presence in their home. And no way can the fat freak afford its own basement.

  2. They bluster all the time about others being cowards. Yet, they never ever step up to the plate.

    Sorry guys, but living life fat, doped up, dumb and stupid is not a way to go through life. Team Kimberlin is living proof of that.

  3. Life on the run from a single, simple civil case is a dumbass manoeuvre, unless there is some other, and more important, aspect of his situation. He’ll end up spending more time, effort, and money trying to avoid the unavoidable than if he simply deals with the situation head on. One option is to get a lawyer and follow their advice, even if that means swallowing one’s pride.

    Smoking pot and fantasizing about greatness is not a legal strategy. It’s a characteristic of a narcissist. Put down the bong, call a lawyer, then get on with life.

  4. Willam Ferguson wrote on August 10th of this year, “Until he comes out of that Ecuadorian embassy and surrenders himself to the authorities to face the music, Julian Assange should #STFU.”

    To that I say, “Until William Ferguson comes out of hiding and accepts service and faces the music, William Ferguson should #STFU.”


    Except the Post Office disagrees since you obviously didn’t leave a forwarding address. I moved from east to west coast this year and my mail is still being forwarded to my correct address so it’s not due to expiration. We can chalk this up as evasion.
    Here you go:

    You’re the same dumbass that said Hoge’s cases were going to end at specific dates and none of that came true. You’re just as bad as the Jehovah’s Witnesses that fails to predict the end of the world.

    • He’s supposed to notify the court and all the litigants of a change of address.
      Credit where it is due to BS.

    • Got the Bill Schmalfeldt virus and with your bravado tweets … You’ve been served, dumbass. You are aware of the motion and said so. Even if the judge gives you a little pro se leniency your words walked yourself into a default. Of course, moron, we don’t educate just how stupid you were.

  6. Does Home Depot sell a rope strong enough to support The Blob when he’s left all alone, twisting in the breeze?

    • I agree with Earl. I believe it was judge Hazel that set the precedent where it is acceptable to forge proof of service?

  7. Brave sir William, he bravely ran away.
    When service reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled…

  8. FiFi didn’t notify the court of his change of address as required.
    FiFi didn’t notify all parties of his change of address as required.
    The Post Office says he left NO forwarding address.

    Somehow FiFi thinks taking these three facts together make Hoge look stupid. 😁

    You really can’t make this shit up. The stupidity and cowardice shown by Team Pedo is astonishing.

    Hey Blobosaurus, you getting the idea yet that you’ve been left twisting in the wind by your friends handlers?

    • Sounds like Ferguson is getting advice from Brett Kimberlin, which is fine as long as Ferguson doesn’t expect to win and is only trying to punish his hated opponents. Does Ferguson understand that he is a *defendant*?

  9. California Department of Motor Vehicles web site:

    “Law states that you must notify DMV within 10 days of changing your address.”

    DMV Change of address form:

    “Your mailing address may be given to requesters providing a valid reason for requesting the information. If you receive mail at your residence, then giving DMV
    a separate mailing address is optional. Your residence address is restricted to authorized requesters per Vehicle Code Section 1808.21. I am the person whose
    name appears on the record(s) above and the mailing address shown is valid, existing and accurate. I consent to receive service of process at this mailing address
    pursuant to 415.20(b), 415.30, and 416.90 of the Civil Procedure Code. I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that
    the foregoing is true and correct.”

    Let’s see if Ferguson is complying with California state law.

  10. “Neither …. nor” or “neither … or”.

    Of course with either construction he seems to be implying that none of the inserted were identified. Which would mean that all of the identified have been served.

    I don’t that tweet means what he thinks it does….

    • Danged autocorrect! “inserted” should be “served”. And of course I also now see the logical fallacy in what I typed. Though I doubt any members of TK could spot it.

      I need more coffee and some A/C.

  11. 1) Ferguson publicly brags on twitter about avoiding service.
    2) Post Office, courts, and players all not advised of address change.

    I believe I see a motion on the horizon.

  12. Maybe I’m missing something in the news. Is there an Olympics of Stupid going on somewhere and we’re watching the finalists in the Medal round? If so, why didn’t anyone tell me?

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