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    • And there it is again, I’m assuming he’s lashing out against your wife rather than you. Doing the same old tactic over and over again thinking it’s going to stop you.

      • BPO goes after Bill, by quoting him, and Bill goes after uninvolved family.

        And he wonders why he’s the bad guy with at least 9 restraining orders from 5 states, one of which covers a toddler.

        Quite a few people wish Billy would take the cure. Me? I wish for him to become self-aware and then live a *very* long time.

        • the crazy thing is…how does that hurt BPO?

          All I see is a pretty woman with a happy smile. Poor Bill…he’s stuck alone with the knowledge that his hated enemies have all that he lacks, on so, so many levels. It would be cruel to bring them all up but no need–he does it himself.

          In his defense, with his latest acme law flop posted for all to point at with mockery, what else can he do?

        • “They’re insulting me so my only option is to go after their family. No, I don’t understand why I have 9 restraining orders taken out against me! All you have to do is leave that pedophile I mean my best friend Brett the Speedway Bomber Kimberlin alone.” – Dumbfuck.

        • This is the same Bill who tells internet lawyers and files complaints claiming that people defame his late wife. He does not want families to be off limits – he wants HIS family to be off limits.

          His current excuse for attacking BPO’s family is that BPO is “implying” something.

          • I must say, the lovely woman that BS photoshopped into his tweets and blog post seems to have all her teeth and her eyes track straight ahead, so definitely not in his type. Different strokes for different folks!

          • “I must say, the lovely woman that BS photoshopped into his tweets and blog post… ”

            (1) She *is* very lovely.
            (2) She does have all of her teeth.
            (3) Her eyes very much track straight ahead.
            (4) AND, she is not as big as a house (as evidenced by someone’s cheap wedding day photos).

            The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt harasses and attacks the children of his self-created enemies… but, insists families should be off-limits. He could not even begin to understand what it means to be a good, supportive, loving, and protective parent as evidenced by the fact he abandoned not just one set of his children… but, TWO. Tis no wonder he goes after children… he is a selfish, soulless, evil monster.

            The Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt goes out of his way to harass, threaten, abuse, and sue others in a weak-ass attempt to “defend” a dead person – when he couldn’t even be bothered to get off of the Internet and care for the now dead person during their illness and the last moments of their life.

            What a sick and demented freak.

        • I’m hopeful that self-awareness will be part of the loathsome loser’s personal hell; along with reviewing its entire wasted, miserable, hate-filled existence with that newly bestowed cursed self-awareness, for all eternity.

      • No its my daughter, the Afghanistan Veteran, Wearer of actual ribbons she earned serving in a forward base, helicopter pilot, Honor Engineering Graduate and Class Officer of the West Point Class of 2012.

        She would kick my ass for backing down on quoting a child pornographer who was knick named a decade ago by his fans of XMFam’s forum as Twichey the Kid Toucher. Makes me wonder why they did that….. It was years before he made his child rape fantasies

      • This is the same Bill Schmalfeldt who squeals like a slashed pig whenever the name “Gail” is mentioned, right?

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt is including family in his attacks on commenters here again, huh? Same old Bill.

    Including family members is okay, as long as they are not his family members.

    • There is a small difference between Bill and Haley, Haley served in a combat zone and most likely wears the correct number of ribbons currently on her report – oh and she’s promotable to Major… Also being a helicopter pilot, West Point Graduate, lived for 3 years in the middle east during the war etc. She also has been on a beach in Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman.

      She doesn’t have the coveted invisible ribbon of Lebanon nor has she got 9 restraining orders. I think its Hilarious that all Bill can do when I finish posting another 25,000 many pornographic msgs that he made on three forums that now are cooperating, over the next year or so its going to be Bill, being Bill, being Bill.

      And he’s still groping a woman that is not his “beloved” wife – who has sadly passed away.

  2. In September 2007, while working at the Office of Communications and Public Liaison of the National Institutes of Health, I had the honor of representing our NIH podcasting and radio efforts by attending the New Media Expo in Ontario, California. It was a bit more than three months after the DBS surgery. I was still in Stage II Parkinson’s disease, not even using a cane at this point


    The OPM has been in communication ABOUT your representation of the Government on various political threads while being employed.

    All I can do know is keep on quoting Bill…….

    I’m so hurt, so devastated that all I can do to go back to working on my canoe and listening to the Olympics….

  3. Bill had some ID’s on Xmfan incluing the Jovial One – his comments are in bold

    The Jovial One Wrote:

    Welcome, my friend. And you ARE my friend. Here you will find solace. Here you will find intellect. Here you will find pantyhose, on sale, some more clean than others.


    uomgoblue wrote:

    Just who are the used ones used by?

    My mother. She’s 76, but a wonderful woman.

    But hey, these pantyhose are GREAT for straining soup!

    Hmmm is bill actually saying he uses his moms used underwear for cooking?

    read the whole exchange


    • read the whole exchange

      Um, yeah, er, thanks, I’m … functionally illiterate. Yeah, yeah, never learned to read. That’s the ticket!

  4. One has to ask BS worked himself up into a photoshopping snit over BPO’s posting a link to something that BS was clearly proud of at the time.

    Could it be the showgirl who is not his wife? Anyone looking at that photo would know immediately that it was an innocent situation, so a normal person wouldn’t have reacted that way. Then again, most people aren’t busy remaking their image to appear the dapper, sophisticated widower, who never even looked at another woman. So, maybe.

    How about the comment about BS’s ability to travel? In context, BS has written a lot over the past 15 years or so about his imminent – IMMINENT – demise from PD and butthurt. It is reasonable to believe, given his history, that he may have a tendency to exaggerate. But that might call into question his protected class status in Wisconsin, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

    • Blast from the past, “You’re Killing Me” Bill. Three years later, and it’s the same old routine:
      “If you’re pondering the fact that the Court of Appeals has adjourned until the 17th without a decision on Bill Schmalfeldt’s motion to reconsider his motion to stay his peace order pending an appeal, making it necessary for Bill to have to trundle his ass into a car to be transported to Westminster, and he’s in a wheelchair because he blew out a hamstring just from standing up today, and this is caused by his tendons tightening because of the Parkinson’s disease, the progression of which was exacerbated by WJJ Hoge III’s constant threats of jail and arrest and new criminal charges, and the fact that he is now completely unable to walk, added to the fact that he almost choked to death on a glass of water last night, and he blames Hoge for the increased rate of progression of his illness and his wife blames Hoge for the increased rate of progression of his illness and his neurologist blames Hoge for Bill’s increased rate of progression of his illness, and that unless Hoge drops his stupid, useless, doomed-to-fail peace order, Bill is going to put Hoge under oath, point out his lies under oath already stated, draw out new lies under oath for Hoge to try to get away with, making an utter fool of Hoge and ruining his reputation forever as he prepares for his being sued by Brett Kimberlin.”

  5. Bill Schmalfedlt is a liar.
    There is no “they,” and BPO, who offered his sincere condolences to BS when his wife passed away, has NEVER ridiculed her, used photos of her, or spoken offensively about her. But this is what BS does – tells people to write what they want on their blog, BPO does so and posts a link to something BS himself put on the internet, and BS’s reaction is to go after BPO’s daughter, and to retroactively try to justify it. He failed.

    He should also consider carefully what the potential legal consequences are for photoshopping the photo of an active duty officer in such a derogatory manner. I hear there are laws about that.

    • He really really needs to consider the possibility – nay, probability – that one of these days he’s going to pull some crap like that on someone with a more, shall we say, permissive sense of what might constitute justice.

    • Are any of the pictures of his late wife ones that he didn’t publish to the world? Because if you make something public, you don’t have much of a complaint with what the public does with it.

    • So Billy has no right to squeal like a fat pig when Gail’s pictures pop up in all sorts of LULZy photochops.

    • Sometimes I wonder if Bill deserves more pity than scorn but then he does something like this that reveals not only how terrible a person he is but how completely unaware he is of how normal people think.

      See, when MOST people…most normal people…most decent people…think of something that is “music to their ears” it would be something like a child’s laughter. A whispered “I love you” from a cherished friend. A whoop of victory from a colleague when a project comes together. But for Bill…music to his ears is the imagined squeals of outrage at his attempt to degrade a young woman who has already, in her short time on this planet, outstripped him in every way imaginable.

      And he doesn’t get it. He never will. One might as well describe the color red to a blind man as explain decency to Bill.

      I’m ORDERING you to never change, Bill. You don’t deserve the happiness that might come your way if you were to join the human race. You just keep on being who you are. What you are. And reap all the consequences of that.

      Besides, if you ever did reach a level of self awareness you might understand that the young woman you tried and failed to mock will almost assuredly, in this weekend alone, enjoy more friendship, love, and accomplishment than you have seen in the last decade. And that would be awfully hard to take. You’d start looking in the mirror and making the same face that others do when they see you coming.

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