11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • I presume you are waiting for service to complete before posting them on Scribd. They are always fun reading.

    • After a quick Google search, I now feel qualified to speculate on the possibilities of a motion in limine, as applied to this case.

      OK, no. No I don’t.

      • Let’s see, request that the puny perp and his underage wife (who is of age now) are not permitted to bring up things regarding Hoge (400 charges!) in a trial where Hoge is not a party, nor anything that has a Res Judicata mug on it, nor the fact he didn’t attend a scam of a depo where everything was a scam, including the lack of service, but can introduce into evidence the Firth of Forth or something like that…

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