More Walker v. Kimberlin, et al.

This is the text of one of the court papers filed yesterday by Aaron Walker in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. I’ve not included the exhibit, because it’s a newspaper article available elsewhere on the Internet. I’ve redacted the name of a minor child and the names of third parties (other than myself).

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin screwed up back in 2012 when he leaked sealed discovery material to Breitbart Unmasked. That has put everyone he has sued since then on guard. We have all required him to dot every I and cross every T before giving him any information. We have also taken steps to seek protective orders—and enforce them.

If he thought that his lawfare would allow him to continue to use discovery to gather information to use against his perceived enemies, he was very, very wrong.

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  1. I like paragraph 10, which can be summed up as” Your Honor the defendants object to the fact that ‘I the plaintiff’ followed the rules”.

  2. “They will testify regarding Plaintiff’s stalking, harassment, and obsession with Defendants and other matters.”

    The witnesses other than Brett Kimberlin would have to be in the room, or similar circumstances, to testify about harassment of Brett Kimberlin. That makes them, essentially, non-witnesses. That is, unless, Brett Kimberlin asserts the and-other-matters clause which is code words “any subject I want to raise.” That kinda defeats the purpose of discovery which is to inform the opposition as to what subjects are being raises so that they can prepare a response.

  3. It was good that Aaron pointed out the lack of last names. Now Kimberwhine can’t complain that he was intending on calling Brett Favre and Tetyana Piskun and didn’t have enough time to get them to arrive in court before the evil judge ruled, so he TOTALLY DESERVES a Supreme Court Appeal, you guys.

    • Of course, now he’ll claim “Plaintiff is well aware of our last names and is being picky just to be mean.”

      I would love to see the response “I should have known better. While Tetyana is a fairly uncommon name, Brett’s reputation is such that it is a certainty that he knows no one else named Brett or K_______ that he could possibly call as witness.”

      It would almost certainly get Aaron in trouble, but it would be LULZY.

  4. Someone seems to feel harassed by being a defendant in the hell called civil justice in the United States. I would normally feel sympathetic, but, in this specific case, my sympathy stands at zero.

    I suspect that sooner rather than later some “charities” will also feel harassed by being subjected to the perfectly legal requirements of civil justice. Of course, their lawyers, having necessarily been admitted to the bar, are less likely to make inane mistakes in procedure.

        • Already filed, but one thing I’ve noted with all the filings I’ve seen posted here over the past couple years: The courts are pretty tolerant of typos, when it’s clear in context what you meant. Better to file error-free, of course…but the judge won’t likely screw you over a mis-typed date.

          • When it comes to Brett, the courts have been so tolerant it’s now seriously compromising the justice system.

          • Me, I’d be in court saying things like “how can the courts dispense justice when this court pulls back from enforcing the rules time after time? I have a list of 100,203 infractions by the defendant. I have checked carefully and none of his filings has been filed under the rules, and virtually all of them make accusations that are not only scandalous and false, but have previously been bought before the courts and found to be completely without merit.”

          • “When it comes to Brett, the courts have been so tolerant it’s now seriously compromising the justice system.”

            Yes. But, the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin is not guilty of simple, inadvertent typos here-and-there as is the case in some instances with regards to our Happy Warrior and our Gentle Host.

            The sawed-off felon’s “mishaps” are out-and-out, purposeful, brazen lies.

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