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Aaron Walker has filed to have certain sealed court documents opened so that they can be used as evidence in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. Here’s the text of his motion.

In a shameless bit of concern trolling, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed this opposition to Aaron’s motion.

TDPK seems afraid that his previous shenanigans will be used against him. He should be. They will.

23 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I am touched by Brett’s concern for me. I’m sure this has nothing to do with what those documents show.


      • When I write the screenplay to this drama, it will look like this:
        As Mr. Walking was the author of the “Everybody Mock the Zamboni Crime Family,” we believe that unsealing the documents would unduly draw attention to Mr. Walking, who lives in the gray house past the rusty mailbox at 211 Springfield Lane, Bookersville, VA. The vile and insulting pictures, available as appendix B (noted in crayon at the bottom of the page) including a particularly feminine representation of button man Tony “The Tony” Zamboni, may cause the court and all participants in the case the Zamboni’s ever follow through on the threat I suggested.
        My objection has no connection to the lies I told in that case, which a new court should never hear about, since it would prejudice the court as I’ve totally changed my story more often than my associate has changed his socks. I mean on his feet.

  2. If Aaron (pronounced “Ay-ay-ron,” believe it or not) does indeed check daily under his car for bombs, odds are it isn’t because of Muslims.

    • “by filing a public motion identifying him as a publisher of a muslim hate blog”.

      That sentence itself is enough to show malice.


    • “Didn’t bk object to the sealing at the time it was requested”

      Are these the same court documents that were sealed, and yet still somehow managed to find themselves in the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s possession, where the Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt promptly proceeded to splash the information contained in the aforementioned SEALED court documents all over the interwebz in order to d0x our Happy Warrior and basically participate in a potential slow-motion SWATing of him?

      And, to think this is the same SOB that is currently whining and bitching over on his blog du jour about folks allegedly leaving mean poopy-head comments that upset his delicate sensibilities.

      Bill Schmalfeldt is garbage… an all-around dirtbag piece-of-shit.

      • You raise a good point on multiple fronts, darling Grace, including that since sealed docs have been published, the seal is pointless. There’s no doubt that our happy warrior will be sure point that out.

    • For maximum enjoyment AW should move to have BK’s opposition stricken for lack of required information.

      • I’m awaiting an omnibus filing from both Aaron and Our Gracious Host (coordinate) where they each move for striking all of The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber’s filings in each of their cases for lack of required information.

        By that, I mean them filing one motion each in their respective cases covering all of the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber’s filings, filed on the same day.

        BOOM goes the tovex.

  3. He has no idea why he wants it to stay sealed, he just knows Aaron wants it unsealed so the puny pedo reflexively fights to stop whatever Aaron files.

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