37 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

    • LOL, looks like something crawled up DUMBF5CK’s ass, bzz-bzz….
      So funny when that MUNKO tries to ape his intellectual and moral betters.

    • “Nice shot at Mrs. H., when Hoge never comments about Bs’s wife. Ever. That could be, however, because WJJH has a clear conscience about the care he has given his own wife, while someone else spent all his time on the internet while his wife was ill. I wonder who that was. Anyone remember?”

      Yep. It appears someone bent over backwards caring for someone else’s fat, lazy ass… and, she got exactly what you described in return, AReader.

      Too. Sad.

      Tis disgusting how someone else describes themselves as the worker bee when every bit of documented proof is to the contrary.

  1. Regarding the picture attached to the latest twitter account. Your hand on your chin is NOT hiding the fat all around it. Ask your ‘girlfriend’ to explain in to you. Cheers!

    • Big dummy can’t wrap his head around the concept of a “tor exit node”.

      Simple explanation:

      Bill, moron, those IP addresses have nothing to do with the computers that the messages originated on.

      They clearly have come to you from nodes hosted by OVH in Montreal. That’s who “owns” those IP ranges.

      They passed through some unknown, and unknowable, number of tor nodes before they exited from the IP addresses you have recorded.

      For all practical purposes, there is no information in what you have that tells you anything about where they originated, or who the authors might be.

      Anyone could have sent them. From anywhere on the planet.

    • Thanks for the link, I followed it to the prior post about the Bumble-Hoge. Sayeth Bill:

      “So far, two readers, one’s brow lower than the others, stuck their straws into Hoge’s backdoor blowhole to comment about my being fat.”

      (a) always about the butt stuff, and
      (b) I was really going more for impotent than fat. I apologize for being unclear. I will try to do better next time. Bumblebees are not butterflies, but they hover rather well.

  2. But don’t you know FEDERAL CRIMES and the government will be so concerned the National Security Agency will publicly disclose how they get around TOR nodes and give Bill the information he wants because Bill Schmalfeldt. Edward Snowden will be forever grateful to the great Bill Schmalfeldt for leading the federal government to such disclosures that ultimately end up pardoning him. Bill will make it into history books and cub scouts will learn about him for at least a hundred years.

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