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Here’s some more of the Kimberlins’ whining about discovery in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

None of the discovery in the case is under a protective order, so paragraph 4 is particularly risible given that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed sealed discovery from the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit in an open court paper in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

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  1. When Brett Kimberlin proudly proclaimed to Dave Weigel that “they(TFS defendants) will face lawsuits for the rest of their lives”, ever consider what would happen if the tables were turned and HE faced multiple lawsuits for the foreseeable future? I’ve gotta guess NOT!!

    • Agreed. Narcissists can’t conceive the downside of anything they plan to do, because that requires them to actually evaluate their plans against the external real world rather than the internal fantasy world. By definition, a Narcissist is deathly afraid of conscious knowledge of personal failings (which drives the internal fantasy world). Considering the potential of future failure is too close to becoming conscious of past failure.

      Hence when targets of abuse react in surprising ways, the Narcissist will blame the target for the hurt and confusion felt by the Narcissist!

      If you’re not a full blown Narcissist, you might find contains some helpful techniques to stop blaming others for your own (e.g.) grouchiness after a long hard day.

  2. In what universe is “I gave the documents to the other guy’s former lawyer” considered an adequate response to discovery?

    Oh, yeah… Maryland.

    And Mr. Ostronic is quite brave. He gave permission for a convicted bomber to leave a package at his office door. I’d want anything from The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber screened first by the bomb squad.

  3. How did BK expect his daughter to be referred to? I mean, he does have two, so shouldn’t something like, I don’t know, her name? be used to specifiy which kid is being talked about? I’m sure that BK would show no such qualms himself in referring to a legal opponents child or spouse. I’d also love to know how mentioning the girl by name in a court document could possibly harm her, unless she has lots of friends who routinely read court filings. Whatever the mechanism of this alleged “harm”, if BK really didn’t want her to be harmed by his lawfare, perhaps he shouldn’t have tried to use her as a weapon while hiding behind her as armor. Weapons and armor routinely take damage in battle (check out any good military museum).

    I suppose the plaintiff could have said “the daughter whom BK and TK accused me of stalking, and concerning whom BK and TK filed false criminal charges against me” every time he had to reference her.

    • This from a man who hauled a kid into court to testify to things that had nothing to do with his case – trying to get publicity!

      • Yep, using her as a weapon and a shield, because she’s just a kid, you can’t go after anything she says, and you have to believe all of it, and she won’t be harmed by being put on the stand by her father and asked to tell the court if she thinks he’s a pedophile.

        He’s so desperate for her to become the next Taylor Swift, he thinks all publicity is good publicity. Her voice is nice enough, but she’s no Taylor Swift, and I doubt she’s even good enough to get onto American Idol.

        • I don’t like acknowledging that BK even has any relations let alone their characteristics. Lord knows that for BK there is really no one in the world except for himself.

          • “I don’t like acknowledging that BK even has any relations let alone their characteristics. Lord knows that for BK there is really no one in the world except for himself.”

            As you know, onlooker… our Gentle Host, our Happy Warrior, and all supporters of Team Free Speech have been incredibly respectful with regards to mentioning the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin’s “daughter” KK — she is rarely ever brought up, and her full name is rarely, rarely ever posted.

            The sawed-off, malicious, little felon is the one who has dragged his family members into his shutuppery and lawfare. If KK is in anyway harmed by simply having her name mentioned in court filings (she won’t be)… the ONLY individuals to blame are the half-pint bomber himself, and KK’s disgusting and poor excuse for a mother — Tetyana Kimberlin.

            THEY made her a part of their lawless garbage. Good grief! A judge pretty much begged Brett Kimberlin to NOT put KK on the stand to discuss his vile sexual proclivities with regards to underage girls. But, nooooo. BK did it anyways… what was best for his “daughter” KK be damned.

            As you stated above, onlooker… it’s ALL about Brett Kimberlin ALL the time.

            And, I just love how the Domestic Terrorist gets his tiny knickers in a knot over KK being mentioned in a court filing… but, his “excellent friend,” co-defendant, and associate, the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt (who writes anal rape fantasies and “satirical” pieces about Cub Scouts being sexually abused), can post a big, old story about KK on his blog du jour (complete with numerous pictures!)… and, that’s just fine and dandy.

            Disgusting, perverted goons. #TeamKimberlin

          • Exactly, Grace. I can’t see his willingness to enlist those supposedly dear to him to boost his profile except in terms of his horrible narcissism. Other people are just objects he arranges to drive his personal stageplay. He is responsible for every single mention, and a necessary part of any reporting on his public actions. It’s to the credit of his opponents that they can see through his intense desire to use those he should protect to advance his own standing.

          • “Grace, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.”

            Yeah. That shyness of mine really limits my ability to express myself and my opinions.


        • If he’s so averse to publicity about himself… well, imagine if the daughter actually were to hit it big.

          Could you imagine an Enquirer headline if, say, Taylor Swift’s father were a convicted bomber?

          • BK should read what children of scumbag parents do after they hit the big time. Hollywood and Nashville both supply numerous examples. One outcome is they write tell-all books that make the scumbag(s) look as bad as possible. Its even worse when the book comes out after the parent dies as it then defines their legacy for all time.

            No, all publicity is NOT good publicity.

  4. Can you just cross parts of a service certification like that? I mean WTF? The original dates are before he even wrote this (given that it seems to say the 25th and he references doing stuff on the 27th. I wouldn’t take him at his word, but it was the last possible minute, so it fits previous MO.)

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