43 thoughts on “On Bee Stings

  1. Well if “I have one arrow left in my quiver…”, is an analogy involving bees, after the drone bee uses its one and only ‘arrow’, well, I don’t know how to say this, but the bee, by using its ‘arrow’ had effectively killed itself.
    So by posting _ANY_ comment of any type could launch the Apocalyptic Arrow of Doom and hasten the Final Solution, I think a question needs to be answered, before that post is made:
    Where else would any of us get so much LULZ for so little effort on our part? Hmmmm?
    Think of the popcorn farmer, the co-op selling to the packaging companies let alone the futures traders. The destruction of entire communities may be at stake!
    Think of the children!

    • Technically, the drone bees are all males and don’t have any stingers. Females have the stingers. If you swap “worker” for “drone” your comment makes more sense.


    • Oh, please Billy DUMBF5CK, USE that “last arrow”! We’ll all be LOLing while you’re coughing your final wheezing gasps.

      And the next day, we’ll organize a “Let’s Piss on DUMBF5CK’s Grave!” party. And at the zenith, we’ll release a thousand…bees. #satire

    • No…

      Bees are rather pragmatic about burials — they just throw corpses out their front door.

      • I hear that a certain drunk at Canticle and Juniper Courts disposes of his “dead soldiers” the same way. The nuns are not. pleased.

  2. I considered getting a small hive as a hobby, but figured a toddler and a beehive were a bad combination. Got a good spot though near the power pole in the back corner of my yard if I ever change my mind and decide to try something new and crazy.

  3. Apparently Blobbo is better at giving [useless] advice than he ever has been at taking [useful] advice. I don’t expect that to change. And more vague, empty threats?

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