Headed Under the Bus?

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin clearly has use for the Cabin Boy™ as an “associate” when he can be used to falsely inflate the number of civil actions I have supposedly filed against the defendants in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. However, I find it noteworthy that almost none of the members of Team Kimberlin seem to be actually associating with Bill Schmalfeldt in any practical sense any longer. Of the three (yes, only three) followers of the Cabin Boy’s™ current Twitter account, only one is from Team Kimberlin. (The other two appear to be automatic follow-backs from accounts the Cabin Boy™ has followed.)FollowersCan it be that the Cabin Boy™ is on the verge of outliving his usefulness to his most excellent friend?


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    • Your observation is premised on sufficient cohesive forces to resist flattening.

      On the other hand, cytopreparation textbooks warn against preserving collected cells in alcohol, due to partial coagulation and swelling with water–which actually increases cohesive force and therefore tends to resist flattening.

  1. Who is the Cabin Boy going to stay with next month in Maryland, while in town for the hearing? What about transportation to and from the court house? This latest development can really impact his travel expenses. I wonder if he has been saving his $$ for the upcoming trip? His IFP petition shows Schmalfeldt isn’t very wise with the limited funds he receives from the government.

      • Greetings all from Beijing!

        One of the staples here, of course, is pork! However, nothing beats seeing how BS is charactured here as Roast Pig on a Stick! Bill’s fascination with anything fecal or Sodomite invariably leads to widespread revulsion amongst my friends here.

        Bill would be publicly caged in Tianamen Square and displayed as an example of a societal leech whose mental aberrations are so gross that he himself should be rendered into lubricating oil for honey trucks in the Mongolian Steppes.

        He would not be welcome here!

        On a more positive note, last night I ate in a Korean restaurant in central Beijing where the cuisine was better than commonly found in Seoul. Even the Kimchi was perfect! Nothing beats being with family at home!

        To see the Shui Li Fang (Water Cube) and Niao Chao (Bird’s Nest) at night is truly redemptive after reading about the Horror’s latest atrocities.

        However, the heat and humidity here are oppressive. Reminds me of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

        Every year, Beijing transforms itself into a more happy place.

        Watermelon……..is everywhere and safe (surprisingly).

        …but don’t drink the water (unless it is bottled or heated)

        Bill and his Scooty Puff (Vroom, Vroom, it’s red!) would not survive one hour on Beijing’s streets as if he could even afford the trip.

        Today, I am visiting Tian Tan – Temple of Heaven.

        More later……

        Greetings to all TFS’ers.

        Zai Jian

        PS: Kudos to AW for twisting the Pig’s and the Runt’s snouts!

        Sedan (government), Beijing

        • Addendum:

          Internet here is difficult if you are used to Google. No Gmail and no YouTube. The censorship here can be circumvented if our Esteemed Host checks. VPN, for the most part, does NOT work well. However, everybody carries a smart phone. A lot of them are Apple.

          Electric cycles have replaced the ubiquitous bicycle.

          Tonight, Peking Duck followed by Peking Opera (my favorite)

    • Unwise with funds? B-but what about the BIG PAYOFF Bill Schmalfeldt promised to Canticle and Juniper Courts….when the world’s prayers are answered and the Engorged Leech of St Francis Wisconsin finally bursts an aneurysm and keels over?

  2. Like he does?

    From the vault, July 8, 2014 (read in reverse order):

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    Not even creative enough to give yourself a handle worth remembering, “A Reader.” You latch on like a tick and suck the blood from your host

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    You live to SERVE and PRAISE the MIGHTY HOGE, “A Reader”! No blog of your own, no Twitter account. You’re a fucking TAPEWORM!

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    Get a Twitter account. Do SOMETHING other than suck the dingleberries out of Hoge’s beard, you fucking brownnosing want-wit! GET A LIFE!!!

      • Aye there’s the rub isn’t. They will be most reluctant to let him know his true status with then.

        Phone. Car. Somewhere in the Appalachians. Following a double headed Phoenix trailer.

    • LOL, Bill Schmalfeldt talking about the rewards of real life?!

      Is this the same Bill Schmalfeldt who leeches money from the taxpayers?
      The same Bill Schmalfeldt who stalks children?
      The same Bill Schmalfeldt who F5’s this site obsessively, while pounding at his dysfunctional penile pudding?

      THAT Bill Schmalfeldt?!

  3. We’ve all seen Blobosaurus project what he himself would onto others. (Except for the peeing on children thing. That seem to be his own private Precious.) It wouldn’t surprise me if Team Pedo knows that
    1. He’s stupid
    2. He’s lazy
    3. He’s a coward

    Ergo he’ll be the first to cave. I’m sure he’s been fed lies by the rest of the team so they can make sure he takes the majority of the blame and can’t roll over on them.

  4. Actually, Kimberlin is very careful to make most of his assertions under privilege. Those who have repeated those assertions are most at risk for defamation. If they had any sense, they would be scrambling to figure out how to throw him under the bus.

  5. Old Philosophy: what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

    New philosophy: what happens when a fat Schmallfeldt gets tossed under a Kimberlin short bus?

    The Greeks ain’t got nothin’ on ‘Merica, 2016.

  6. On a new blog post, bS is wondering what his cut is if someone sells a used book that he authored:

    “This bookseller has some s’plainin’ to do. What cut do I, as the author and publisher, get if he should somehow sell these things?”

    It’s zero. Just like Chrysler’s cut is zero when someone buys a used car.

    • I don’t know what is funnier – that Bill Schmalfeldt thinks he is entitled to any of the proceeds from those resales, or the fact that I’ll make more money off of the sale of ONE of his books than he has made off of ALL of them?

      • Well, glad it was you who spilled the beans. Or did you? If we’re all supposed to be socks and liars, there’s no telling who is making money off this. Why, it could even be Bill Schmalfeldt himself, aka Paul Krendler, trying to make some money to fund his lawfare.

  7. How do you know when the foreplay is over in St Francis? When the air compressor shuts off

  8. In Sweden the first anniversary gifts are spoons, in Britain, a tea pot, in St Francis, latex

  9. This reminds me of the old Firesign Theatre skit “Deputy Dan Has No Friends”

    And neither does the Fear Pee King.

  10. Bill should be writing down everything he knows about Brett and giving to a lawyer with instructions to release it in the event of an “accident”. And then telling Brett this.

    Bill knows thing that could be damaging to Brett and is becoming a liability.

    His bestest friend Brett has a history of (allegedly) killing people who stand in the way of what he wants ; or trying to arrange the killing of people who do him harm.

  11. Let’s see. So how does Bill “measure (his) worth as a human”?

    Successful career?……………………………….nope
    A family of loving children?……………………nope
    Lots of grandchildren to dote after?………..nope
    Plenty of friends to support you?……………nope
    Financial security?……………………………..giggle
    A rewarding hobby?…………………………….nope
    A deep and abiding faith in God?…………..nopeA supporting & loving Faith Community?…you kidding?
    Fulfilling memories to fall back on?…………let’s no go there

    No, Bill’s “measure of his worth as a human” is that he volunteered for a surgery performed tens of thousands of times already, that, if chosen, he would benefit greatly from. That’s it. By is own admission that is the “only” worthwhile thing he’s ever done.

    That ain’t much.

  12. You gotta be careful there. “Outliving his usefulness” to a certain “excellent friend” could easily be construed as a death threat….

    If Wee Willy gets the wrong sort of package, with or without a green card, it could be a life-altering event. I think the other dinosaurs called that an extinction event….

  13. for some reason I’m reminded of that old kids song..
    “the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round…”

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