Game Over!

OK, we now have an admission that the Cabin Boy™ doesn’t have the actual letter that he sent me in January, 2015. He only has a copy of a copy.MT201608031542ZMT201608031545If all the Cabin Boy™ has is a copy of Exhibit A, he has nothing that would be admissible as proof of a forgery under the rules of evidence. He can continue his rant, but his admission now shows that it is impotent. I’ve never set a trap, but I’ve watched as the Cabin Boy™ has repeatedly fallen into one most likely of his own making.MT201608031546ZYep. The court date is 8:45 am, 27 September, at the Circuit Court Annex in Westminster.

143 thoughts on “Game Over!

  1. Yes, and he will not be allowed to bring up extraneous nonsense such as this ludicrous conspiracy theory, or underpants gnomes, or Cub Scouts, or his soul mate, or schnitzel.

    • Heh, WordPress linebroke your text between soul and mate. I was immediately tempted to question if he actually has one, or are my prayers wasted?

      • “I was immediately tempted to question if he actually has one” – GB

        A soul or a mate? Though I guess, “At some point in the past, though not currently” works for both.

          • Samk – his soul. His mate, he caged in an urn of unfathomable evil, where he compels her to “continue to be useful” long after her mortal death.

        • “A soul or a mate? Though I guess, ‘At some point in the past, though not currently’ works for both.”

          Yep, embrace the power of AND!

          On I side note, I am absolutely beside myself with excitement as BS’s “life” comes crumbling. I hope he is utterly and absolutely destroyed in court.

          • “On I side note, I am absolutely beside myself with excitement as BS’s “life” comes crumbling. I hope he is utterly and absolutely destroyed in court.”

            You’re in good company, my friend.

  2. He’s probably got some delusion about dragging you to Wisconsin.

    “Where were you living when the letter was sent?”
    “Where does the person who sent this letter live?”
    “Explain to me how I care about this…?”

  3. Is he now looking forward to his court date in Maryland? It sure sounds like it to me. I would like to ask the Cabin Boy if he has finalized his travel arrangements? Cost?

  4. I still have a fiver that says that the demented William “I want to urinate on children” Schmalfeldt is a no show at the hearing.*

    *Some restrictions apply. Offer not valid if Schmalfeldt cuts a deal before then. Offer not valid in Pretendy Land where Bill lives. Must be over 21 years of age and 5′ 4″ tall to participate. Sorry Brett!

    • Hey, that’s not fair to the rest of us that are vertically challenged! Does it count that I used to be 5’4″ in my younger days (you really do shrink as you get older)? :p

    • Hey that’s not fair to the rest of us who are vertically challenged! Does it count that I used to be 5’4″ when I was younger (you really do shrink as you get older)? :p However, since I also believe that he will be a no-show I guess it doesn’t matter.

  5. Any true athlete can tell you about “The Zone,” that rare place where someone goes to be a giant in their field.

    Think Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus in their primes. LeBron James or Steph Curry when they can’t miss. Wayne Gretzky’s entire career. Bob Gibson in 1968.

    Any true sports fan will also tell you about The Zone, and what pure joy it is to watch a perfect game, to see a QB slicing up a secondary like a surgeon, or to toss a favorite hat on the ice after the third puck tickles the twine.

    You wouldn’t think it was possible to get the same feeling of happiness from watching a complete DUMBFUCK moron like Bill Schmalfeldt practice his God-given vocation with maximum ease and efficiency.

    Today, you would be wrong.

    This is FUN!

  6. Have to wonder if he’s furiously calling the courthouse trying to get the original. Seems like a perfect time to file for an injunction to prevent the documents destruction (assuming that it hasn’t been already).

    If he doesn’t do any of that, then I guess we know that he knows this is all BS.

  7. I want to try out some hypotheses for plausibility. First, start by considering two cases.

    I. If Witless Willie truly believes that Grady is not Krendler, then Willie is not violating the RO by visiting TMZ and leaving comments.

    II. If Witless truly believes that Grady is Krendler, Willie thinks that he will not be prosecuted successfully for violating the RO by contacting Krendler so long as Grady and Krendler deny that they are in fact the same. That is why Willie says that he will be legally barred from visiting TMZ only if Grady says he is Krendler. I have not researched the case law in Illinois on that narrow topic, but it is plausible law. I am not sure that it is good law (and it might be a case of first impression) because, given Willie’s belief, he is clearly intending to violate the RO. Even if it is bad law, however, no one is likely to be willing to litigate it

    Case I is virtually risk free for Willie. Case II is low risk free for him unless …. But if he claims on information and belief under penalty of perjury that Grady is Krendler in a suit against Grady, I’d be amazed if Grady does not bring a counter-claim for violating the RO. That counter-claim will be a nightmare for him to rebut both factually and legally.

    So here is my first hypothesis. Willie is reasonably confident that he will not be permitted to sue in forma pauperis. He lost that battle before, and the situation has not materially changed. He is highly confident that he will not be granted free counsel. So his plan is to wait for denial, whine that a poor man cannot get justice, and let the latest LOLsuit lapse.

    Here is my second hypothesis. Willie is reasonably confident that Grady is not Krendler. He was very quick to drop Grady as a defendant in the suit against Ash and BPO. He even said if I remember correctly that he was not sure of his identification and so needed to drop Grady. That is, we are dealing with Case I. The latest LOLsuit is what Willie specializes in: bluster.

    So why does he keep nattering about Grady? Again I have a hypothesis. He hopes someone will identify Krendler for him so that Grady can get some peace and quiet.

    • Brett Kimberlin stated that I was Paul Krendler in his complaint in the RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit, and Tetyana Kimberlin referred to The Thinking Man’s Zombie as my website in the bogus criminal complaint she filed last year. Is the Cabin Boy™ saying that they are wrong?

    • And of course he’s claimed that he himself is Krendler; he did that (under pain of perjury, no?) when he filed for copyright on his Undercover Troll “book”.

      How can he legally claim that he doesn’t know who Krender is when he has legally claimed to be Krendler? I suspect, or at least have high hopes, that some day that bit of lunacy will come round to bite him on his ample, pock marked, behind.

  8. so let me just get this clear in my head.

    He sent you a letter, but claims the letter that you submitted as evidence is a forgery. He doesn’t have a copy of the letter he sent, and that proves that the one you received is fake. His signature matches, so it can’t be his.

    Is that right?

    I suppose next he’ll go on to prove that black is white. Stay off the crosswalks, bill…

    • Not quite.

      Willie claims not to have sent the letter in question so the letter was by definition a forgery.

      Willie claims not to have the letter, but he does claim to have a copy of the copy submitted to the court by Hoge. You know how courts love copies of copies.

      His evidence that the letter was a forgery is his assertion, neither submitted under penalty of perjury nor subject to cross examination, that he did not send it AND the fact that the signature looks remarkably similar to one on a document that he admits signing.

      In other words, it is even loopier than you thought, which shows that you are sane.

      • Actually, I think his “evidence” if anyone were to have been loading some “vault” with “true and honest copies” of the “vile spew Bill Schmalfeldt puts forth” is the fact that he says, he asked his wife, the late Gail, if he had had her mail it and she said no. At the time he freely acknowledged that his memory was not to be trusted.

        I guess he forgot that part.

        Even loopier than a bowl of Fruit Loops.

        • Very close, but she didn’t say “no.” She didn’t remember. But she didn’t read everything that was mailed, so could have mailed it.

          We all knew something was coming because of the fat freak’s hints. In this same time period, the loathsome loser also emailed our much beloved host. It wasn’t until the letter threatened to blow up in its vile face that the repulsive recreant started having memory lapses about it. No one is unsure whether they wrote a letter 1 – 3 days ago. Initially the malignant monster tried to evade consequences by feigning dementia symptoms. I think from there, one of its handlers remarked something to the effect of, “you couldn’t be that stupid,” and the lying laardvark, of course, lied agreement.

          I’d be surprised if an intact copy remained on the stolen valor stooge’s computer, because I think it got deleted immediately when WJJH didn’t fold upon receipt of what self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower thought was unassailable. The depraved, dementia-addled DUMBF5CK thought it had WJJH over a barrel, yet again. It would wave it’s PD stage MCXLIAR around as both a shield and a sword and our highly esteemed host would have no choice. But, as now and as always, it was wrong, yet again.

  9. 9/27/2016, Billy. Be there or be…uh, well I guess you’ll still be rotund even if you do bother to show up.

  10. So, I guess it was your turn to make the Munko dance today, Mr. Hoge? Good show!

  11. A real journalist would publish retractions once he finds out he did not have the story right. I am not holding my breath.

    • “I assume Boland is referring to the very special Internet Court of Moon Law, which generally seems to be receptive to bogus legal arguments predicated on a person’s stubborn belief that they are right despite all evidence to the contrary.”


      Boland. Kimberlin. Schmalfeldt.

      To-may-toe. To-mah-toe. Dumbass.

      • I must have missed a loop. Who the heck is @mrvogon?

        Acceptable answers are:


        add your own choices. The only wrong answers are the roughly 347 Twitter handles Bill has already used.

        – M

    • Seriously?

      Let me see if I can explain to him (I am a professional, don’t try this at home!):

      When one attempts to dispute the origin of a document – any document – one must have the *original* document. That is, the envelope and the letter, not a scan of the original documents, but the things themselves.

      In addition to having said documents, you must prove that they have been in trustworthy hands at all times (this is chain of custody), with all changes of possession documented, and you must prove that the documents have not been altered in any way except as documented by anyone who has tested or examined the documents.

      The only way to prove a document is or is not a forgery is to supply the original, with a chain of custody, and provenance.

      Phone, MUNI.

      • Hey, I thought you were supposed to be one of the “dim girls,” whose position and success makes BS green with envy!

          • You dim girls are slacking off.
            Where’s my sammich?!

            In my company vehicle, on my company computer, using my company cell phone-based internet, currently within a stone’s throw of Victorville, CA.

            So, deliver me my sammich!

          • Mister Flintstone’s twin dog,

            The Phat Phreak tried to sue Dianna’s company, because she was using their equipment during work hours to mock him. Of course, she wasn’t, and his suit bombed… Can I say bombed about a friend of a bomber?

          • The Phat Phreak tried to sue Dianna’s company, because she was using their equipment during work hours to mock him. Of course, she wasn’t, and his suit bombed…

            Hey, you left out the best part! The part where she retained a badass 1A lawyer and Blobbert slithered away leaving a trail of slimy fear pee in his wake.

          • We really need to all get together for one heck of a BBQ some time.

          • So, I guess that paying for all the Dim Girls (and associates) to get together for a first ever reunion should be on the list of “fun things to do” when one of us wins the lottery.

    • I believe it’s already established by all parties that the tweet noted originated by the person denoted as the Respondent in the quoted section. And since the only chain of custody I see mentioned in the quoted section is that Respondent sent the letter to Mr. Hoge by mail. And since it appears that the Respondent is ‘strenuously’ noting that the chain is “ESTABLISHED” in the Respondent’s tweet.

      This reads like an admission to me…

  12. Hey! Fat slob who has 9 (give or take) restraining orders against you! Yeah, you who writes child porn and is proud to have had public sex with a transvestite! Who is called The Johnnie Walker Red Baron and that is one of the milder names.
    I’ve got one question for you:
    WHERE’S THE DOOM!!11eleventy!!11!! CLOCK???

  13. So, this latest ISN’T a postmodern parody? He actually believes his interpretation of “original” and “chain of evidence”? I’ve seen a lot from him but this is nearly too much. Basic searches reveal he is wrong. This is like spelling your own name wrong, and what kind of legendary idiot would ever do that…. oh, wait. Yeah, I guess this is totally believable in retrospect. And glorious to witness frankly.

  14. Will Munko ‏@MunkoTales · 55m55 minutes ago

    So the question is, does @paulzkrendler Grady want to carry the full weight? Does @mrvogon? Or will they rat out @wjjhoge? No hurry.
    Will Munko ‏@MunkoTales · 57m57 minutes ago

    And I bet once the cops start squeezing Grady’s nuts, they will produce the juice that will lead to who ASKED him to create the letter.

    For Pete’s sake John, TURN YOURSELF IN! He’s got you cold! AGAIN!!!!!!! People are getting hurt, seriously hurt, Jane was found unconscious – her system just couldn’t take the Lulz. Others have been hospitalized as well, Earl dislocated his shoulder pointing and laughing, and the office staff of sec 236 apartments are speechless after rupturing their vocal chords while howling hysterically.

    Think of others..

    • Grady at least has “nuts.” BS, by his own admission, is asexual. That means … oh, well, you know what it means.

    • I think it’s time to play The Ferryland Sealer.

      Phone train and with our bats in our hands it was early to go, every man (and dim girl) showed his action, never missing on a blow, lolly whack for the doodle, lolly whack for the day!

  15. OK, wait. I’m confused.

    How could he have the original if he’d mailed it to Mr. Hoge.

    He should’ve taken it back when the court offered it to him.

  16. In January 2015, someone might have been marginally interested in this. Maybe had there been the original document in MS Word, on John’s computer right there in court, turned on and with the original “created by” information saved to the hard drive. Maybe.

    If the letter had been an admission of guilt in the JFK assassination, or a letter to Robert Plant asking could he please write lyrics for the song “Taurus,” or a letter from the Zodiak killer with a return address… Maybe someone might care.

  17. Just when you reach china, keep digging:

    Will Munko ‏@MunkoTales · 6m6 minutes ago

    Everyone who wants to go to jail with Patrick Paul Krendler Grady, line up along the wall. Someone will get to you. #evidence

    Will Munko ‏@MunkoTales · 8m8 minutes ago

    I know Sarah Palmer doesn’t mind “going down” with Grady. It’s what she does. Ask her. Glub, glub, glub!

    Will Munko ‏@MunkoTales · 9m9 minutes ago

    You DID sing like a birdie, Sarah. Like a serial adulteress. little birdie! You personally did more harm to “Krendler’s” cover than ANYONE!

    • His threats remind me of the Black Knight from the Holy Grail, without anyway to hurt King Arthur, he continued to threaten him.
      Obtuse and Pathetic, as Bugs would say: “What a Maroon!”

    • No one is going to jail, BS. Sadly, not even you, because you’re too ridiculous for law enforcement to care about in this day and age. It’s a pity. A week or two in jail would do you a world of good, and maybe get you some perspective on the difference between torts and butthurt. Some badly needed perspective.

      Train phone.

      • “No one is going to jail, BS. Sadly, not even you, because you’re too ridiculous for law enforcement to care about in this day and age.”

        I’m sure Deb Frisch used to think the same thing…before she spent half of last year behind bars!

        The real reason law enforcement is doing nothing about Bill Schmalfeldt’s illegal stalking, threats, RO-violations and harassment is simple: NO ONE is filing the necessary paperwork…think: POLICE REPORTS.

  18. Bill
    Nobody commenting on this site is the slightest bit scared of your ALWAYS EMPTY THREATS. You have used this particular scenario at least 3 times in 18 months with absolutely ZERO effect. Law enforcement has seen your bullshit lies and done nothing. Your targets have seen it before and know your threats are completely empty. Finally, the readers & commenters at this blog have seen it all before. The ONLY person who acts as if this were something new and should be taken seriously is you.

    You have very limited knowledge in civil law procedure and litigation. You have an even greater limit to your knowledge in criminal law and it procedure. It’s almost as if your understanding of criminal law comes completely from television programs you have watched over the last decade. While you hope to be taken seriously as an opponent, you have instead become the punch line to a hundred jokes. While you want others to believe you are on equal intellectual footing as John Hoge and Aaron Walker, the truth is that you can’t seem to understand and comprehend the most basic of legal procedure and arguments.

    Bill, please find another way to spend the remaining years of your life. It’s obvious to most that you are miserable trying to fight these online battles of the past few years. We know that you have spent the greater part of the last 12 years engaged in constant flamewars with different groups of people, the XM radio board folks, the knot crew and now TFS.

  19. I’m beginning to feel like Daffy Duck [as King Arthur in A Connecticut Rabbit In King Arthur’s Court] as Sir Elmer duels Bugs Bunny. Doubled up with laughter he finally says, “I can’t look. If I do I’ll die.” I have totally ruptured my lulz muscles at this point.

    • Remember how his beloved almost threw up when she opened it because he forced her to open the mail? Remember how HE opened it and fell on the floor and got a boo boo on his head from shock? Then remember after that how HE claimed the injury to his dick dents happened when he bent over to beat pet the dog?

  20. I am confused, why is Grady Krendler again? I thought that BS declared under penalty of perjury that he was Krendler?

    • Good question. Lately, I find the best answer to most of my questions is: “Because Bill Schmalfeldt (Bill Munko) is a moron, that’s why.”

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