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33 thoughts on “Login

    • If our widely respected host is able to get the letter back, I’m sure the horde could come up with enough money to get it professionally fingerprinted.

      Proving the self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower‘s prints are on it would be on par with proving the grotesque ghoul’s poor wife died all alone because it had to nutshuffle over to the computer to describe her death rattle and set up a fake comment to try to draw sympathy.

      • Given how much he has crowed about the prints (and that he was ‘clever’ enough to avoid touching it in court), is it possible that he actually created it without touching it?

        • Something that sloppy and stupid? Not likely. OTOH, it’s been handled so much that they could be too smudged. In that case, there are other ways to prove the author.

        • “Given how much he has crowed about the prints (and that he was ‘clever’ enough to avoid touching it in court), is it possible that he actually created it without touching it?”

          Is it possible it was taken to a post office and mailed without touching it?


          A certain set of fingerprints are inaccessible due to the fact they are resting peacefully in a clock. However, I’d wager TJ’s fingerprints could be legally acquired if need be.

          • I’d say… yes. However, based on years of watching the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt in action… I just don’t believe he is capable of planning much further ahead than figuring out the next meal he’s going to shove into his fat gob.

    • It’s chock-full of BS tells. He wrote it. He had his unfortunate wife send it.

      I wish he’d drop this “forgery” nonsense and find another way of playing the fool.

      MUNI, phone.

      • As I posted over at TMZ… your comment in the thread in that first link is dead-on right, Minemyown:

        “The only person harping constantly about that letter is BS. Reminds me of the saying ‘the guilty flee where no man pursueth.'”


      • Oh. And, in that second link… the comment left by an “anonymous” commenter sure does sound an awful lot like something the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt would write — as does every bit of content in that “forged letter” Blob continues to whine and bitch about:


        Typical Bill. #Fail

    • In other news…

      “My father’s mother’s maiden name was Genevieve Munko. Her father was John Munko. Her mother was also named Genevieve Munko.
      Apparently a mental monkey cunt named [BLAH] of [BLAH], has a problem with my family history.”

      I wonder whether Bill Schmalfeldt uses “mental monkey cunt” on the nuns and overseers at Canticle and Juniper Courts…

  1. The forgery charge really is a load of BS from BS. Lets say, hypothetically, that he’s telling the truth and that he didn’t send it. (pause for laughter to stop). It does not follow that our host wrote or had it written. It could have come from anyone who wanted to stir the pot. The addresses of all parties are part of the public record. The only thing that was required was to either live near an area with a certain postmark or know someone traveling though that area that was willing to drop a letter into a box.

    Feels like BS is trying to set up a fishing expedition to go though emails and find the identity of his White Whale.

    • After getting back to my desk and reading that post over, I feel like I need a promotion to Captain Obvious.

      • Then the Captain Obvious who comments here will demand a promotion, and it starts getting complicated quickly. Sorry. 😉

  2. Can someone with more influence on The Johnnie Walker Red Baron agitate him? There hasn’t been a DOOM !!11eleventy!! Clock since Bunny Boy attempted his pale imitation of The Master Clock Maker.
    These posts seem like they’re phoned-in with one, ya know?

  3. Words that rhyme with MUNKO, for zombie poets to use…
    bunco, bunko, dumbo, fronto, (FONGO—Fear Of Not Going Out), gumbo, jingo, jumbo, mango, tango


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