Keepin’ the Clerks Busy

The Kimberlins filed a bunch of stuff in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit on Monday, and so did Aaron Walker.398855V DI 195_202What most of this boils down to is that the Kimberlins don’t want to cooperate with discovery but believe Aaron Walker should and that Aaron wants the Rules enforced as written.

The outlier is Docket Item 200 which is a procedural motion related to Aaron’s appeal against the State concerning Grace’s Law.

34 thoughts on “Keepin’ the Clerks Busy

  1. I sometimes wonder if those clerks ever get sick & tired of it all.

    OTOH… it’s almost like a “guaranteed employment” situation for them.

  2. Wrt #195 – request for hearing on default against one co-conspirator: Did the puny pedo “forget” yet again that he’s not a lawyer, or is it more pro se ignorance? You know, like, “Your honor, I’m just a puny pro se pedo, and your laws and rules against non-lawyers representing other parties frighten and confuse me, in spite of my repeated attempts to have an actual lawyer sanctioned for practicing law where he’s not licensed…”

  3. Someone with some free time should set up some Kimberlin Bingo cards with his various refuted (and insane) allegations. As a Kimberlin drinking game may cause commas.

  4. 197 looks to be a real facepalm job. Sounds like they’re going to try pretending that admitted facts are not in fact true in spite of all reason and logic.

  5. My thought: Brett is hoping if he makes a big enough stink, they’ll give him something to make him go away.

    I’m rooting for a new pair of bracelets.

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