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Last week was a continuation of Team Kimberlin’s downward spiral.

On Monday, I filed requests for orders of default against Almighty Media and Breitbart Unmasked in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. I also filed a motion to compel compliance with a subpoena to GoDaddy for the billing information for the brettkimberlin dot org website. There was also a flurry of activity in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. Aaron Walker filed a motion for summary judgment against Tetyana Kimberlin, and the Kimberlins filed a motion for sanctions against Aaron. That sanctions motion claimed that they had both properly served Aaron with a notice of a deposition and that Aaron had failed to appear.

Tuesday brought a massive spasm of viewing of Hogewash! by the Cabin Boy™ in an apparent effort by Bill Schmalfeldt to find a silver bullet of evidence to put me in jail.

On Wednesday, the Cabin Boy™ began making his threats to have me criminally charged more overt. Meanwhile, in the real world Judge Hecker scheduled a hearing on all the open motions in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit for 27 September.

Thursday, was quiet—the lull before the storm.

handcuffsFriday went quite well from my point of view. First, the motions to dismiss from most of the defendants in the Kimberlin v. Hunton & Williams LLP, et al. RICO 2 Retread LOLsuit were granted with prejudice, and Judge Mason scheduled a hearing to deal with the motions from the remaining defendants on 13 September. Also on Friday, Aaron Walker filed an opposition to the Kimberlin’s motion for sanctions that had been filed on Monday. In his opposition he noted some documents that had been included as exhibits in the Kimberlins’ motion were not the same as served on him. Because the accuracy and truthfulness of those documents had been sworn to in the verified motion, that discrepancy was also shown to a District Court Commissioner who charged both of the Kimberlins with perjury and fabricating evidence. They are each facing up to 13 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

It was a pretty good week.

Oh, one more thing … did anyone hear how the Cabin Boy’s™ meeting turned out?

66 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • “I believe his meeting Friday turned out much like the short story he promised…”

      Another Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin book?

      BTW – the word is “actualize.” You obviously need to brush up on your GS-13 writin’ skillz, dude. 😉

  1. Btw, john will surely publish my motion for sanctions… soon. Maybe even my Application for Statement of Charges.

  2. One of those two is on unsupervised probation for some ‘youthful indiscretion’ if I remember correctly. It would be horrible if that got screwed up.

  3. Bill lives in his own fantasy world. Anyone who meets Bill closes the door after having a conversation with him and laughs. They laugh because they met the world’s most stupid person. We don’t have to wonder about Bill’s meeting … all his meetings end up the same way. Even his co-defendants seem to hate and ignore him as much as possible. Brett might even hurt him now since Bill arguably might be responsible for the idea of filing charges on him. I don’t know what inspired the attorney that kicks Bill and Brett’s ass as a hobby to meet the commisioner?

  4. Brett, the lesson you need to remember is that when you sue a lawyer, YOU are on the receiving end of endless litigation.

    And maybe a new felony conviction with 2, 3, or 4 priors.

    And a revocation of your current probation.

  5. Leave it to Brett to step in his own pile of poo that he left for his opponents. Didn’t he think that having caught all of his previous frauds on the court that they always check to see if what was filed is the same as what is served? Google searching at the TDPK household now includes “countries with no extradition treaty with the United States.”

  6. At Brett’s next hearing before Judge Mason, is there a chance he might be jailed for contempt? Asking for a friend.

    • Yes, I believe there is a potential that Brett could be feeling cornered, and as we’ve seen solely from his legal history he does not have social boundaries of action when threatened. Now being in his sixties and likely needs to pop Viagra and energy drinks just to stay afloat, we can hope his penchant for lashing out physically has tempered somewhat, but it is not outside the realm of possibility when confronted with incarceration.

      So keep eyes peeled and maintain a watch on your surroundings and circumstances for a while.

      • I have wondered about TDPK’s reaction when his stupidity looked like it was going to implode. Does Mr. Hoge and Mr. Walker feel the need for any assistance in securing their abodes? I bet many of us would willingly provide a pair of eyes at required times.

    • That doesn’t impress a dog intent on killing said rat. The dog just waits until the rat tries to run, then CHOMP-SHAKE-SHAKE-SHAKE and drops the carcass. Next.

      (I was going to say something about how this isn’t a death threat for the benefit of idiots who may read it but why bother. They’re idiots.)

    • Definitely at least a Condition Yellow situation and a need to be really aware of your surroundings.

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  8. Notice that Willie is not the one with a criminal complaint pending against him. He really is not in the running for World’s Stupidest Human.

  9. Ordinarily I’d expect that the perjurious pipsqueak would be able to pass off the different versions of the “notice of video deposition” sent to the court vs. the one improperly served on Aaron as some sort of benign mistake (he’s gotten away with this before, despite deliberate document tampering.) This time there’s a pretty clear attempt to create a false impression with the differing document – that TK was one of the signatories, and a motive for deception is clear; he situation “I feel like a lawyer” Brett’s solitary signature created.

  10. Is there a link to Aaron Walker’s opposition to BK’s motion for sanctions, one that describes the discrepancies between what was served to Walker and what was filed with the court? I would like to understand what discrepancy might result in a criminal charge to the Kimberlins.

    • Oh, FFS. Blobby McBlowhard should just stop already. No one… and, I mean NO ONE… is in the slightest bit intimidated by him nor his impotent threats.


    • SkullFlattener? That’s his new handle? Death Threat!!!eleventy!!! And not even discussing the cute blonde girl in the avatar. Blech.

      One of these days he’ll piss off someone with the morals of, I dunno, a terrorist bomber or something. A guy who doesn’t call himself SkullFlattener, a guy whose finishing move isn’t “make him a LOLcow” but a guy whose finishing move is “Boom! Headshot” or some such.

      He already knows people of low morals, luckily for him they’re mostly his friends. For now.

      This is not a death threat, it is a series of observations of Bill’s actions, “friends” and “most excellent friends”. And some guy in Florida named Kyle.

      • THIS.

        And, aside from being dead-on correct in your observations and take on things… your comments always crack me up, Dr. Mike. lol!

  11. OT– State & Federal prosecutors just LOVE it when “alleged victims” layout the entire “case” on the Internet for all to see. Well, not really for “all”, they prefer the “case” and all the “evidence” be revealed to the actual accused perpetrators. Those same prosecutors also love it when the alleged “victim” has multiple(9) restraining/protective orders, in multiple states, against him to prevent said “alleged victim” from continuing to harass those accused by the “alleged victim” in said case.
    Sarc off

    Shakes– Now that we know you did NOT meet with any type of law enforcement agency, tell us how the Friday meeting REALLY went! You are the dumbest person alive!!!!!!

    point & laugh point & laugh point & laugh

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