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UPDATE—There’s a bit of incorrect information floating through the comment section. Since I’ve seen the process from both sides, let me describe what’s going on.

First, the Kimberlins have been charged with crimes. That’s what the District Commissioner does, review the evidence and determining that there is probable cause that a crime was committed. Charging documents have been issued, either summonses or warrants. The Maryland Judiciary Case Search shows that the Commissioner issued summonses to the Kimberlins.

Next, a copy of the paperwork is sent to the law enforcement agency responsible for serving or arresting the persons charged, and a copy is sent to the State’s Attoney’s Office for the county.

In Montgomery County, the County Police will execute an arrest warrant, but they generally will not serve a summons. Instead, a notice will be sent of a court date for an arraignment hearing, and the summons will be served at the District Courthouse on that date.

The State’s Attorney’s Office will investigate the case and decide what action they plan to take. They have three options. The first is to prosecute. The second is to place the case on hold, a process called stet. The third is to decline to prosecute by entering nolle prosequi.

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      • This is the easy step, the next step is getting the State’s Attorney to think it is worth their time to actually investigate the case, then if they think there is sufficient evidence of quilt they may file charges. The charges against Aaron and Hoge in the past have fallen apart at the first stage. The ones against Bill made it to court at least once.

  1. You still wearing the same size prison orange jumper as you were when you got out last time, Midget Pedo?

    It’ll make it easier on the CO who has to in-process you THIS time around if you are.

  2. So the munchkin malcontent who was convicted for perjury once, is trying it again? And this time he is bringing the mrs. along for the ride.

    Will the rest of the pirate crew come on visiting day and put money in his canteen for him?
    Will he sue to get the bottom bunk because the top one is too high and he cant reach it even on his tiptoes?

    Once a dumb criminal, always a dumb criminal.

  3. Crybully Shuttuppery Backfires
    Corporate veil being shredded
    Criminal law violations being brought forefront
    And one rat already ran away (but he’ll be back)
    An estate owed a million dollars might finally get it

    And the worst part:

    Male prisons don’t have underage girl sleepovers!

  4. He could use the “Hogewash” Amazon link to order his butt-plug. And just think, in about 10 minutes Billy Blob will check in to get his hourly update and find out what his master might be a little looney. Not that he really cares.

  5. July 25, 2016, the Kimberlins filed their improper motion for Sanctions, for not showing up to a deposition where Kimberlin charged himself a bunch of money, and the information in those bills called each other liars.

    July 29, 2016, the Kimberlins get charged with perjury and making up documents for an event that occurred on July 25, 2016.

    It’s gotta be a coinky-dink!

  6. Oopsie AND Poopsie!

    Qui gladio ferit… gladio perit.

    (I know. I know. Death threat eleventy. *yawn*)

  7. Imagine a day in the future where the Team Kimberlin Post of the Day reads something like:

    “Brett Kimberlin was awoken for breakfast at 7AM. He was allowed an hour in the courtyard at Noon. He ate lunch at 1PM. He ate dinner at 6PM. He was locked away for the night at 8PM. The lights were turned off at 9PM.”

    • You forgot the shanking.

      Brett was shanked in the yard just after noon when he called another inmate a “N******”. The inmate refused to stop making him a human pincushion when Brett said he worked with the State department; or when Brett threatened to keep suing him for the rest of his life.

  8. Annnd… a certain deranged cyberstalker just F5’ed Hogewash! and shat himself good. 😂

    Maybe it is finally dawning on a stalking sociopath that his domestic terrorist master ain’t so teflon-coated after all.

    FOCUS, ‘o Blobby one.

      • Dontcha just hate when that happens?! lol!

        Ya know… I’d like to see some blue lights in the sawed-off Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin’s very near future.


        • I’ve eaten my share of teflon in my time.

          And as we truckers might say, the gumball machine done hit the jackpot. Or, I hope it will in the very near future.

  9. It appears that Aaron Walker filed the two complaints. What’s good for the goose seems to be good for the gander. I suspect these charges have far more evidence than those filed against Mr. Walker and Mr. Hoge.

    Book ’em, Danno!

  10. They started this game with perjury to file false criminal charges. They have no one to blame but themselves when their criminal conduct means they get charged too.

  11. Way to go! Why settle for punching back twice as hard?

    Run with the bull, and sometimes you get the horns.

  12. A caucasian, an asiatic indian, and an arab walk into bars…

    Thank you, you’ve been great. Try the veal.

    • FINALLY! I FINALLY got more uptwinkles than that f’ing cockroach! You like me! You really like me!

      (Sniff) I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible. Most importantly, the littlest person around, the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber, without whom none of this would have been possible…

  13. “First, the Kimberlins have been charged with crimes.”
    This is the day we’ve been waiting for. All the forged green cards, faulty service or non-service, the endless stream of nonsensical motions. The chickens have come home to roost. BTW, where is Cabin Boy ™ with his insufferable boasting? The word for the day is “handcuffs,” When there is a hearing on this I hope that a transcript will become available for much pointing and laughing.

    • “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.” Or in this case, Maryland. I’ll believe the case is prosecuted when I see it.

      That said… hey, this is a step in the right direction. And much PLM-worthy.

      • I just want to know what the specific allegations are. Going back to the motion for sanctions post here at Hogewash, I can see Brett falsely swore that “defendants” had served him with discovery.
        Tetyana’s signature on the sanctions motion looks dodgy per usual.
        There is the silly invoice with the wrong math – from some non-existing business and (and most likely just private person or employee Craig Gillette, perennial VR & JTMP fill-in-the-blanker.)
        There’s the tracking info from the post office which cannot constitute proper service if the judge’s previous order in strictly interpreted.

        Where’s the perjury, though? Where’s the fabricated evidence?

        A wrong invoice from Brett’s own business/charity? It’s of course improper for him to use his personal associate to videotape, but is it perjury or fabrication of evidence? What evidence is there that the guy wasn’t paid, or won’t be paid his fee at some point? And the math error can be blamed on stupidity rather than dishonesty.

        Is there something else fabricated that we have not heard much about?

  14. My first reaction:


    My second reaction:

    “About time.”

    My third reaction:

    “Maryland. We’ll see…”

    P.S. Cousin Bill: Suggest you lay low for, oh, say a decade. Might want to move with no forwarding address.

    • If Bill were smart (okay, okay, don’t laugh so hard), he would use this to his advantage by claiming Brett also lied when claiming Bill was an associate, and try to distance himself from Brett. But Bill doesn’t have the balls to cross Brett, so he is still hitching his scootty-puff to that (now fast) sinking ship. If this continues, he’ll have to update that dating profile to remove the reference to a clean record.

  15. What are the specific allegations against Brett? It looks like he’s being charged with fabricating evidence in a criminal matter…

  16. Considering his history of eating (literally) documents when confronted by law enforcement, these documents have likely set him to a feast that would set Rosie O’Donnell begging off. And add in the amount of spurious material in question over the last half decade a gastroenterologist will need to be in staff at the county lockup.

      • I’ve quit saying “That would gag a maggot” in favor of saying “That would gag a Bill Schmalfeldt” except I haven’t seen anything worthy of saying that and it’s beyond my imagination as to what would gag Teh Blob, so now I’ll use “That would gag a Rosie O’Donnell” because I can imagine there are things she would gag on. Maybe.

  17. I imagine the judge will also be watching since The pedo bomber submitted some of this crap in a motion for sanctions.

  18. This is wonderful news. I have suspected that Brett has been signing his wife’s name to briefs. I wonder if she will prove me right at the hearing by denying her involvement. If so, the court can add another charge against Brett.

  19. Sadly, I imagine that TK is in a Catch 22. Either she’s admits she’s never signed the documents and Brett does what Brett does, or she faces charges and fines. Not a great place to be, I imagine.

    • I’m not either. I believe Brett threatened to take her kids away from him if she didn’t help him, and told her that there was no downside to helping him. She is about to fully appreciate the “between a rock and a hard place” saying.

    • Yeah, as I’ve indicated before, I feel bad for TK. There’s no good way out for her.

      I’m positive Arron and Mr H have to include her for legal reasons, but…

      I want the best for T and her girls. Damn Brett to hell.

      • Those girls deserve better. They definitely drew the short straw as far as their parents are concerned.

        To heck to Tetyana. She is a grown-ass woman AND a mother. She’s not just some poor immigrant. She’s been in this country for decades. And, it’s not as if right vs. wrong nor truth vs. lies are solely American concepts and ideals.

        Furthermore, loads of help is out there for abused women. Not to mention she was on the receiving end of uber Christian love and charity via the offers of emotional support, legal guidance, and financial assistance courtesy of our Gentle Host and our Happy Warrior – and, she not only spit in their faces… she has gone out of her way to attempt to ruin the reputations of these two good-and-decent men, and has attempted via her vile, vile lies to have them jailed… to have their very freedom hijacked from them.

        As far as I’m concerned… she deserves any and everything that may possibly come her way.. and, then some. She is a lying bitch. Harsh? Sure. However, I have great respect for the two gentlemen whose lives she is attempting to screw over. And, I only have to put my own hubby in one of their shoes… and, the overwhelming disgust I have for her and her actions surfaces quite readily.

        • Agree!

          I felt sorry for O.J. Simpson’s children who have turned out to be good adults. Doesn’t mean because I felt sorry for the kids I didn’t want O.J. to pay his civil settlement or go to jail for robbery. Brett’s kids shouldn’t mitigate his and her due penalties. Kids pay the price for having bad parents and that’s just the cards your dealt with in life. It’s up to them to learn from their parents mistakes.

          • Agreed, Grace… assuming TK is in fact acting of her own free will. I’m not convinced that she is.

            I’m certainly no expert on abusive relationships (or indeed, any kind of relationships) but what I have heard is that the dominated partner can be so thoroughly cowed as to be psychologically incapable of resisting. Whether that’s true with TK or not (bearing in mind her attempted “escape” a couple years back)… I don’t know, I just don’t know.

            Which I guess is my point – none of us in the commentariat knows, we only suspect.

          • “You will see what I will do…”

            You know what he is capable of. I bet she does, too. He not only lies like a rug, but he has probably intimated that it’s just this side of possible she could upend up rolled up in one, or he has enjoyed letting his vindictive “creds” hang in the air while he attempts every other form of manipulation. She’s wrong to lie about the assistance people went way out if their way to give her, after SHE approached THEM. He’s probably mocked her and berated her and told her how foolish she is, that no one actually cared to help her, but were just out to use her to destroy him. Yeah, no, Brett. Not everyone is a weasel like you only out for himself.

  20. Corrine Brown: This 12-term Democrat from Florida received a 24-count federal indictment last week while her Congressional Black Caucus colleagues tried to drown out the news with diversionary gun-control theatrics. Brown and her chief of staff are charged with creating a fraudulent education charity to collect over $800,000 in donations from major corporations and philanthropies for their own private slush fund between 2012 and early 2016

    • so it is illegal to have a fake charity with no real activity as a personal piggy bank – even for a career democrat legislator

    • How much do you have to give away to be legit? 200K a year in donations? I’d happily give 100K a year to needy educationists.

  21. Am I correct in believing even a non-reporting unsupervised parolee is required to report to his parole officer any criminal charges filed against him? Maybe a lickspittle has already reported this to his federal parole officer? Brett, when you read this, call your parole officer.

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