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17 thoughts on “Logins

  1. This highly fractured sleep cycle of his could be to his advantage. He can drive from Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart, charging the scooty puff while he cat naps in the parking lot, on his way to Maryland.

    I’d love to hear how the Scooty-Puff (it’s red! Vroom!) handles PA and WV.

      • There’s always construction on the turnpike. The graft associated with Boston’s Big Dig pales in comparison.

      • I don’t think Scooty-puffs are Interstate-legal. He would have to take secondary roads, which frankly suck in that part of the country. Maybe he can recharge on the downhill slopes?

    • I know of a particular park he should avoid in PA in the weeks ahead. Might be kind of fraught with danger for those not accustomed to dealing with Atlantian shield walls and pikemen.

  2. Let’s revisit the last five years or so.
    1. BS had a job at NIH, which involved drafting press releases, reading scripts over the radio, and other general PR work. He was allowed to work from home due to his PD.
    2. BS took medical retirement from his PR gig at NIH, ostensibly because he could no longer perform his duties due to Parkinson’s Disease. Interestingly, in one of his books he claims that his job performance was good, but that his supervisor agreed to give him a fake poor performance review so that he could get disability retirement.
    3. After retirement, which was allegedly due to his inability to perform his duties because of illness, BS continued to . . . draft press releases, blog, and due podcasts.
    4. It is obvious from BS’s books, twitter accounts, blogs and podcasts, that he is obsessed with remaking himself in various images. Lester Klemper. Undercover Trucker. Etc. It appears that he decided to become an Internet SJW, “exposing” anyone he or his paymasters deemed offensive. Paymasters? Why, yes, he has stated in court documents that he was the editor of Breitbart Unmasked.
    5. What has followed are five years of BS declaring #lawfare (yes, he used that term, it’s in the vault) on a number of unfortunate victims.
    6. Last year, before his wife passed away, he sued several people, including attorney David Edgren, in LOLSuit V. Mr. Edgren litigated aggressively.
    7. After his wife died, BS stated that he would stay in Maryland in the “beautiful home” that she had made for them. That assertion seemed to hold until David Edgren filed a challenge to BS’s questionable claim of pauper status.
    8. BS suddenly decided that he wanted to get away from it all. He dismissed, with prejudice, his claims against all defendants. This was not pursuant to a settlement agreement. Mull that one over. BS then fled the state.
    9. After moving to Wisconsin and claiming that he was turning over a new leaf, BS confessed that he had been Paul Krendler all along, the man that he had claimed was another innocent individual. To clarify, Bill Schamlfeldt filed multiple lawsuits against Paul Krendler, in which he claimed Krendler was different people, while all the time he knew that he himself was Krendler. This is a fraud upon the court.
    10. BS published and COPYRIGHTED a book, Confessions of an Internet Troll, under a pseudonym, in which he admitted that he was Krendler. If he wasn’t, this was a fraud upon the federal government.
    11. This was BS starting afresh. And, thus, the cycle began anew. We are now on LOLSuit VII, in which he is suing an innocent man, accusing him of being Paul Krendler, when Bill Schmalfeldt has already confessed that he is Paul Krendler.

    I will not be surprised to see some of this turn up in several court filings.

    • Bill was a fluffer for truck drivers? Wow! Puts a whole new light to him. He must have enjoyed providing a service to all those stressed out hard working men that drives America’s economy.

    • *applause* Well done, AR1.

      I’m not sure I could ever stop laughing if the loathsome loser ended up in jail for filing lawsuits against various people claiming they were Krendler when all the while, Krendler was the fat freak its vile self.

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