5 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Hey Twitter Attorney at Law, Bill F. A. Schmalfeldt, how did your meeting go today? How much fear should we expect to come from that meeting? Stay in touch.

  2. I’ve been absent some. Did I miss a Doom Clock? Didn’t DF have one for something as momentous as, well, whatevertheheck momentous thing that would get HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!! dragged off in handcuffs was?

    • No, Bill just crawled under the porch to hide like the little girl he is wants to be.

    • He didn’t have a proper doom clock, but he had a general deadline for when Hooooooooooooooooge’s world would come crashing down.

      Judging by the tone since then, I’m guessing the manic phase is over.

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