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The Cabin Boy™ has frothed at the keyboard every so often about getting me charged with forgery or perjury or some other crime related to lying. For example, during the run up to the hearing for his failed motion to modify the first peace order, he tweeted these—prophecy3prophecy2

And after the hearing to extend that peace order in December, 2013, he rolled over to the District Court Commissioners Office and tried to file perjury charges based on my testimony during that hearing. The Commissioner did not find probable cause in the Cabin Boy’s™ improbable story.

popcorn4bkSo why would he take off on that tack again just now?

The Gentle Reader with a bit of insight can probably come up with several possible reasons, and I foresee the likelihood of discussing Team Kimberlin’s motivation in a few days.

Stay tuned.

23 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Einstein is once again proven right.

    Schmalfeldt is once again proven to be an intentional dumbass.

    Kimberlin is once again proven to be an idol of dumbasses.

    That kind of covers everything so far this week.

  2. Simply denying uncomfortable facts is a rather common human behavior. I am not saying that it is particularly effective, just that it is common because comforting. Creating imaginary facts is less common because even less effective, but it may be more comforting.

    It is a fact that Willie’s forays into the law have been laughable failures, a fact that suggests the wisdom of his doing something more productive henceforward, such as daily hitting his fingers with a hammer. Clearly, however, he finds it more comforting to picture himself as learned in the law, a person to be reckoned with in the courts. I foresee (and I am saying this in advance to avoid any question whether I did foresee) that this latest foray will fail (as usual) but may generate guffaws of laughter (as usual). It is not hard to foresee how things will proceed when those things are based on “facts” that exist only in someone’s fevered imagination.

      • He has also just directly undermined a claim by his little boss made in statements signed under threat of perjury. By saying so, he also admits he is well aware of the law in regards to the matter, thus providing evidence of said perjury.

    • DUMBFUCK also sucks are reading comprehension. The post by our Gracious Host is not him “sweating bullets” rather it’s showing a pattern of really DUMBFUCK behavior on the part of William “I want to urinate on your children” Schmalfeldt of St. Francis Wisconsin.

      I feel sorry that Mr. Hoge has to put up with Schmalfeldt but watching Bill fuck himself in new and creative was is pretty funny.

  3. Hey guys- I view with concern how recent conversations are orienting towards Tetyana. I wrote this in the chronologically succeeding (Bill, that means the post AFTER this one) Legal Lulz Du Jour post because I want to make a point to a larger audience; presumably those seeing a new post on the East Coast Friday morning.

    For your consideration:

    I feel for Tetyana. She was a kid at the time; whenever that was and however old she was.

    She has children whom, I’m sure, she loves. Tetyana is likely at some personal risk and her access to her children is surely at risk in a land who’s legal system she can’t possibly comprehend. Hell- I daily stand agog at what Kimby gets away with.

    I personally have had multiple formerly idealistically naive views of our legal system disabused watching Brett over the last 2 years or so. Judges in Maryland should be frickin’ ashamed of themselves. Only thing I can figure is that they need to create work for themselves in order to keep the legal pipeline filled.

    My goodness Brett Kimberlin needs to be squashed.

    But not Tetyana. I feel badly for her and her children. This isn’t going to end well for them no matter what. Even IF Boom-Boom makes his way back to the prison cell he so richly deserves; Tetyana and the kids are going to get hurt (financially if nothing else).

    I myself am hopeful WJJH has a plan for letting Tetyana out of the consequences Brett has forced her in to.

    Because my thinking here is showing up in ‘yesterdays Legal Lulz Du Jour’ post I’m going to paste it forward in to the following post, not yet heavily commented on, in hopes TFS Community will take same in to consideration.

    And finally, know that I think that Bill is (unbelievably) stupid. But I also think Brett is evil. That’s my personal opinion, Brett, not libel.

    Don’t RICO me bro’-

    • John simply can’t let Mrs Kimberlin, “out of the consequences Brett has forced [upon] her.” The minute John shows any forbearance is the millisecond that Brett Kimberlin uses his wife to hide his assets.

    • She had the perfect opportunity to get out from under his thumb. She then chose to turn her back on those that showed her kindness. Not only turn her back, but she attacked them and filed false charges against them. Too bad so sad, she now has to pay for it.

    • At some point in time, even the most pitiful of creatures has to own up to their part in the mess they are in. When does the line get crossed? Hard to say. But actions have consequences. These are her consequences.

      In other words, I respectfully disagree. However I would happily be there for her if she got out of this apparent crime family for good.

    • I’m not saying TK is kept shackled in the basement or anything, but maybe someone ought to take a quick look at her wrists and ankles next time she makes a court appearance.

  4. As the Soviets moved in from the East, and the allies from the West, German propaganda ministers deliberately spread rumors of miracle weapons that would tip the balance of power back in favor of the Germans. That is, more or less, what is happening with Team Kimberlin. Bill Schmalfeldt can choice to accept his impending legal losses that will impose upon him a financial blow from which he simply will not ever recover, or he can choice to belief that he has uncovered a miracle litigation strategy that will put him on top. It is easy enough to see why he prefers to belief the latter.

  5. By S’s standard, Newton was lying about his law of universal gravitation because it doesn’t take into account a large array of information which was unavailable to him, even if it is accurate enough that you can pretty much hit any planet from here with a rocket only using his laws. A hypothesis backed by a good faith analysis of known facts can’t be considered a lie, even if other facts were to come out later disproving it in part. Whereas, if you start out saying things you know are untrue, a lie is the proper word for it.

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