92 thoughts on “Coming the 27th of September …

  1. I got money that says Schmalfeldt, Osbourne, and Fergi are too chicken shit to even show up.

    • NM, I figured it out. Freakin’ Hoge’s name screwed everything up.

      That what happens when you don’t use the proper number of “OOOOOOOs”.

  2. Do you think Breitbart Unmasked will send one of their intrepid reporters to cover this story? Or will Brett be the “source”?

  3. I am pretty sure if Bill gets going tomorrow, his scooty puff can get him to Md by the 27th.

      • Then there’s a hotel. I suspect that TJ has gotten too reclusive to open Tincasa up for Dear Old Dad.

        Or maybe Lolcow Billy will file a motion to hold the hearing in Milwaukee because he’s too useless to travel. I can hope, right?

          • Wouldn’t it be lulzy if that was one of the motions to be decided at the hearing?

    • But won’t the mild, late September weather exacerbate his stage IVXXLIAR Parkinson’s Disease?
      Especially now that he’s acclimated to the frozen tundra!

      • He can share a load, I expect Iowa-produced popcorn to be in demand in MD and the Eastern Seaboard.

        Hoge has hungry fans _everywhere_.

  4. The “feds.” Remember when he would threaten people on XM Fan Forum, claiming that he would have a discussion about certain commenters with federal LEOs, as an NIH PR guy, “fed to fed”?

    The “feds” take one look at his perverted trail of peace orders, no contact orders, anal rape parodies, admitted dementia, etc., and they will file his complaint with the X-Files, along with Bigfoot and Chupacabra sightings.

    • So the state filed 267.. wait 298.. wait 367.. no no.. over 1 MILLYOUN.. charges against Bill instead of John Hoge? Doesn’t that kind of fly against the narrative of Team Kimberlin legal filings?

  5. I may have to jet in from a far-flung corner of the world for that hearing, just in case there’s another Triggering.

  6. Doesn’t one of those parties have at least one outstanding warrant for nonpayment of child support?

    I see one of the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber’s favorite tactics being applied, for once, justly…

  7. Wow, I wish I could be there to watch our Hero John “The Quiet Ones, are the Dangerous Ones” Hoge take on the evil Team Pedophile.

  8. I know Mr. Hoge knows this, but be sure to have a copy of Schmalfeldt’s blog post where he says he was willing to travel to testify against someone handy to show the judge when Bill doesn’t show for this hearing.

    • Too bad that these things aren’t televised. I’d love to be able to see what’s going on, but traveling there is out of the question.

      You know, it’s between 5 and 5500 miles from my house/office/ward/block…

      • I’d be looking at an8 to 9 hour drive each way. Back when I was younger I used to make a 500+ mile each way run every other weekend, and do each leg in about 9 1/2 hours. I did a 300 mile trip earlier this year and it took me close to 8 hours, and 2 days to fully recover. The body ain’t what it was 25 years ago. 🙁

          • If I spent that much time in a moving vehicle, my hips and knees would never bend again. My daughter was getting very annoyed with me stopping every hour and a half or so so I could get out of the car and stand up (usually with a loud groan) which is part of why the 300 mile trip took so long.

      • Alas, it is 1600 miles, or 24 hrs of driving from Central Texas to MD. So I will have to rely upon those good folks of TFS to keep me informed on the LULZ that I predict will take place on the 27th.

  9. You do all realize that this is just a trap? That at any moment, BK or BS is going to point into the gallery and say, “Your Honor, I call THAT GUY to the stand!” And it will thus end with all of you who dared to enter the courtroom that day clamped in irons (and not in the fun way) and hauled off to PMITA prison for as long as BK and BS demand.

    What other outcome could there possibly be?

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    • Because he’s a drunk, an idiot and the Internet’s greatest lolcow, the Diminished Capacity Kid doesn’t know what “proof” is.

      And, speaking only for myself, causing him pain is just gravy to the meal that is making him DANCE!

        • Only the stupid ones. But I present to you the King of the Honyocks. One of the few honest handles he’s chosen:


          The word first appeared in print in the late 19th century, often applied to people who were unwelcome among their family, friends and/or community. A common theory of the origin of this word is the merger of the first syllable of the word Hungarian and the last syllable of the ethnic slur Polack. However, a more likely origin is the Hungarian adjective hanyag, which has a variety of negative meanings including careless, sloppy, slothful, and slow.

          The word is derived from the German “Honigjaeger”, which literally means “honey chaser”. The name was given to immigrants to Montana looking to take advantage of land offerings, without realizing how difficult farming in Montana was. The word is pejorative, and is used in reference to a clueless farmer.

    • I can’t wait to see the comments (by primarily non-lawyers) cited as evidence for or against anything or anyone. That should be hilarious!

  11. BS has adequate notice. I wonder how he’s going to get there? Or will he just whine a lot, as he usually does?

    MUNI, phone, annoyed by bureaucracy.

  12. There are so many unemployed and underemployed lawyers in this country I got to thing they found some progressive fool with a law degree and no job to show up for them as a pro bono “surprise”. I mean, only utter hubris would lead them to think they couldnt show up at all or somehow have TDPK show up for them. Well, hubris or insanity or head-up-their-ass stupidity. So…. its an open question.

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