18 thoughts on “Sucker Bet Du Jour

  1. The Big BM being what he is, he’ll trumpet this as tacit admission that our gracious host did, indeed, conspire to forge evidence.

  2. I believe that BS sent the letter, either as part of one of his stupid, unethical, dishonorable plots, or that he sent it and then panicked, and concocted a stupid, unethical and dishonorable plot to cover himself. Just like he left the vile comment about urinating on children over at BillySez, WHICH I SAW, and then claimed that he didn’t.

    • And just like the loathsome loser claimed to NOT have “written” under the parvocampus alias, until the fat freak admitted it did; just like it claimed it didn’t do a lot of things it soon thereafter admitted.

      I think what happened with the letter is that the grotesque ghoul wrote it. It dropped hints on twitter about sending it, for goodness’ sake! Then, when confronted by its handlers that even the dementia-addled DUMBF5CK couldn’t be that stoooooopid, the forgery idea took root. I think it’s very possible that at this late date the laardvark actually believes it.

      You know, like it claimed to believe it’s ‘wife died in its flabby arms.’ It went on about that dramatic fantasy until the horde produced contemporary writing to prove yet another lie from the lyin’ of Lebanon.

      I also believe that turdsrfood website was another demented and depraved ‘trap’ it tried to lay for the horde. But none of us were interested. Literally the only one promoting the site was ‘KrendlerKlone’ or something along those lines, who immediately disappeared after being called out as being SchmalFAIL its vile self. Notice also the site went down when the demented deviant wanted it down.

  3. What funny is this is coming from the guy who sent thousand and thousand of forum comments and bragged about doing it on taxpayer time. Including posts where he discussed his daughters “gynecological issues” and his gay nephews penchant for old white men. Oh, and don’t forget trolling little boys about connecting his genitalia with their “swollen anal tissues”. Yeah Bill, just keep fucking that chicken you hypocritical turd.


  4. Technically I think Bill wins this. You wish you didn’t commit a crime, because you didn’t and you don’t wish you did…

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