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16 thoughts on “Login

  1. What! Only 1 Login?!?!

    The Fear Pee King must be so lubricated on JWR that he can’t type.

      • OMG. Just when you think he couldn’t get worse. He really needs to be taken to a safe space and helped. If that’s possible.

      • I have to admit I have a small tolerance for stupidity. That’s why I’m usually satisfied by clips and snips provided by the intrepid reporters here. A link directly into stupid is fascinating for a moment. But I quickly become weary and angry. How can this guy continue to act this way? At all times day and night?

        Most people have to WORK for a living. Apparently, some people don’t.

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt was envious of Brett Kimberlin getting a malicious prosecution lawsuit filed against him, so Bill is taking steps to ensure that one gets filed against him as well.

    Of course, this assumes a County Commissioner is dumb enough to file charges of forgery based on “evidence” of signatures that match (yeah, I know, but stranger things have happened).

  3. THIS is what he thinks will get Mr Hoge jailed?!?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! How can one person be so wrong, so often? And isn’t this the 3rd or 4th Schmalcycle he has attempted to use the ‘forgery evidence’ to scare Mr Hoge et al? Must be pretty desperate if he is going back to it AGAIN.

  4. Lunatics gotta loon I guess. This getting into serious Deb Frisch territory. Maybe he will end up jailed.

    • “This getting into serious Deb Frisch territory”

      He is beyond Deb Frisch territory! Deb didn’t say she wanted to pee on children.

      She may be crazy, but I don’t think she is Bill “The Fear Pee King” Schmalfeldt crazy.

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