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Last week, Judge Mason denied The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion for a new judge in the RICO 2 Retread LOLsuit. Here’s the motion that TPDK filed and that the judge denied.

It’s pretty clear that TDPK is getting desperate.

26 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. A legal genius desperate? Impossible. Papers are already en route from The Hague removing the case to the International Court of Butthurt.

  2. “Judge Mason has violated a host of judicial cannons…” Not wise to accuse the judge of having his way with the ornaments in front of the courthouse. Besides, a “host” of cannons is properly called a battery.

  3. Kimberlin’s “motions” get more incoherent, more filled with rambling fantasies and outright lies, every week. Complete psychopath.

  4. And the only depraved sexual predator the world should,fear in this litigation, excluding Kimberlin’s associates, is Kiimberlin himself. He’s the one who imported at least a brace of Ukrainian tween to teenager and by report if his estranged wife, raped her and tried to impose in her cousin, his own authorized bio documents numerous inappropriate contacts with Tweens and teens and a constant stream of young, very young love interest or objects of pursuit. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover he has imposed his old shabby self on other girls since.

  5. Kimberlin continues to repeat outrageous lies previously disproved, .i.e. the “400 legal actions” and “sexual harrassment of [BK’s} minor daughter. This is malicious prosecution.

  6. Finally, after years of malicious abuse of the courts to target anyone who dares tell the truth about the terrified tiny terrorist, there’s a single judge who’s on to the puny pedo’s legal posturing-for-punishment game. And he just. can’t. stand. it.

  7. Kimberlin equates Aaron with the guy who raped a passed out woman? Kind of strange coming from the guy who had sex with at least one minor that I know about and writes songs about fucking pre-teenage girls.

  8. I can see how the book “How to Win Friends and Influence Other” is not on the PedoBombers bookshelf.

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