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  1. Child porn producers have little regard for others opinions – child porn producers are generally (rarely) believed by the courts. Child porn producers travel well. Saw it on a cop show once

  2. I can give you a small pointer on how to respond. Before you do anything else, wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes.

    If I were in the shoes of Witless Willie, I know what I would try, how John would likely respond, why the judge would likely rule in my favor, and why John could legitimately say that he had foreseen the whole chain of events. But with Witless in his own shoes, possibly getting advice from Kimberlin and the rest of the crew, I doubt anything that sane will happen.

  3. Interesting isn’t it that usually the fail whale screams and moans that either our Gracious Host is stalking him or lying when he posts random logs of visits to his site, but this time Defendant and Wanna Be Child Urinater William Schmalfeldt gladly admits the contacts are all his and implies doom.

  4. So…

    A signature can’t be Bill’s, because it looks too much like his signature.

    While Tetyana’s signature never looks like her own, but it must be hers…

    Complicated place, this world of ours.

      • what else can you expect from the Racist party that Boos and removes God from it’s platform, says they build bridges yet erect a 8 foot, 4 mile square wall around themselves, hell they even built a wall around the podium all to nominate a never done anything candidate who has lied and killed people simply because it has a vagina?

  5. I went to his site, have no idea what he is thinking of, but before he jumps off of whatever cliff he is standing at, maybe he should talk to an attorney before he jumps and get an expert–not talking about an attorney here–opinion.

    He is burnt toast if he jumps.

  6. So he defaulted when sued for malicious prosecution, and his response is to… commit malicious prosecution…

    He needs some supervision. And strict controls on his Internet usage.

    • He needs a hobby.

      Bill. Buddy. Pal. Go download Pokemon Go to your phone. Get outside and chase some of those critters. I guarantee it’ll be more fulfilling than the endless clumsy attempts at lawfare.

      • I recommend building wooden ship models. It requires focus and attention to detail, it’s time-consuming… but best of all, in Bill’s case, he can imagine the broadsides that might have been unleashed by a man-o-war.

        • Don’t you remember that (according to Bill) because of the PD he doesn’t have the manual dexterity for anything like that, not even for typing? /sarc

          I don’t think the voice to text software is playing his QChord thingy for him.

      • He did try playing Pokemon Go on his Vroom Vroom It’s Red. The problem was that he would encounter parents with children and ask to urinate on their children thinking they’ll enjoy it. Then he’d get a bat to the head which we’d think his neck would break but unfortunately he has no neck.

  7. Remember TFS, It’s the process, not the result. These JackWagon’s are only looking to tie up more of Mr Hoge’s time and money. The actual result is inconsequential to the Pedo-Bomber and Lard Ass.

    • This was supposed to be in my comment

      Ann Coulter Verified account

      Re Gillibrand’s speech: Are we sure Hillary could have gone to a fancy law firm after failing the DC bar exam?

  8. Has the Cabin Boy even considered how much time and money this effort to “get” Mr Hoge with forged documents will cost him? Who does he think will pay for the handwriting experts? [HINT: It’s the same person who paid for service in LolSuit VI, The Undiscovered Krendler]. In the .0000000001% chance this thing ever gets filed, how many times will Bill actually be required to travel to Maryland? It will be more than 1 and if Mr Hoge gets creative, it could be multiple trips back to Maryland. All this from a man who is so dirt poor he cannot afford the filing fees in his other legal harassment cases.

    With Bill’s background in the Maryland Judicial system, I’m sure there is a ton of interest in pursuing (more) charges against his top harassment victim.

  9. Bill, and then there’s the tub of manure – hey sic the postal investigators on it – you know – fed to fed

  10. Heh. Lolcow Billy is going back to the FORGERY well where’s been at least twice before and roundly ignored.

    Hey, when you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, what do they call that? I know it isn’t “drunk and stupid,” but it’s something like that.

    • If I understand correctly, he’s threatening to have a complaint sworn out so that the state of Maryland will file criminal charges against John, Aaron, and George, though I can’t figure out if the forgery is because the signatures are too much alike or not enough.

      I think he’s already accused John of forgery “evidence” over a letter which was never entered into evidence, but the signatures were too similar and since Bill has PD his signature never, ever looks like any other signature he has ever signed.

      So if there is any similarity at all, the later document is obviously a forgery.

      Except when it isn’t.

  11. Didn’t Wee Willie already try this once before? Or was that just a threat? This sounds familiar, sort of like a Road Runner cartoon….

    • He tried it before. Everyone at the Maryland SA’s office and the LEOs know he’s a nutter.

  12. This looks like BS going on another of his manic jags when he tries, again, to stir up trouble, and it always redounds to his detriment.

    We keep telling him about picking up a rock only to drop it on his own foot. He never learns.

    Phone, train.

    BTW, I got to perform a wonderful site visit, today. It puts BS’s dark, sweaty, empty existence and foolish malice in sad perspective.

    • If something is virtually invisible, it is very likely to get injured unless people habitually walk around with a magnifying glass.

    • I’m becoming more and more convinced that he LIKES being publicly humiliated. Just look at his record. He files lawsuits, people tell him exactly why they will fail, he huffs and puffs and tells everyone how ‘dim’ they are and how he’s sure to win when BOOM, it blows up in his face for EXACTLY the reasons everyone told him it would. Then there is much Pointage, Laughage, and Mockery at his stupidity. And what does the Lyin’ of Lebanon do? Does it all over again. And again people tell him why he will fail. Again he blusters. Again he fails. Again he is mocked. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      In my opinion there is no other reason he does the really stupid shit he does other than he thrives on the humiliation of his failures.

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