38 thoughts on “Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. News

  1. Gonna be a busy little guy, ain’t he? He’ll be panting like a corgi chasing a greyhound.

    • Why?

      His last few motions have essentially been “wa wa wa, everyone is bullying me” without even a hint of actual legal argument. Pretty sure churning those out takes virtually no effort.

      • Even spelled correctly, it is an interesting charge– as I doubt you (Aaron) would miss a legit deposition.

        • Pretty sure Aaron didn’t go to a deposition, about which he was never informed. Brett’s probably still trying to play tricks with service; he probably never even held a deposition, just forged documentation that he was.

        • The thing is, if you’re going to hold a deposition, you have to properly serve your request for same on the opposing party. Maryland has a rule about that, something about return receipts and green cards, can’t really remember exactly how it goes, since it’s such an obscure topic, never comes up around here…

    • I don’t know anything much about depositions, but isn’t Aaron the plaintiff here?

      I’m guessing either someone got roles reversed and it was Kimberlin who didn’t show up to a properly organised deposition or Kimberlin pretended to have a deposition and is now complaining that his make believe wasn’t taken seriously.

    • As I reported earlier, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin improperly served discovery requests on Aaron Walker. I’m told that this included an improper notice of a deposition which Aaron did not attend.

      The Kimberlin’s were correctly served with discovery requests with responses due last Saturday. I’m not aware that anything was received, but if something were mailed at the last minute, it might not be delivered until tomorrow.

    • I’m no lawyer, so could someone explain what a “verified motion?” My Google Fu is weak, but a quick check seems to indicate that The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber got a notary to put his or her seal on the motion before he filed it.

      This thought gives me giggles, as this means that it was submitted under penalty of perjury, whether or not The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber said so explicitly. And we know that the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber pretty much HAS to lie at least once in every filing…

      • A motion is verified when a verification, a signed and notarized statement in which a witness swears that the facts presented in the motion are true, is part of the motion that contains facts that are not in the court record. Both motions and pleadings can be verified. Certain motions and pleadings, such as denials in an answer, require verification to be considered by the court.

        Ohhhhh I can’t wait to see who this “witness is” and what facts the pedo is bringing in that aren’t already part of the case record.

  2. Can’t wait to see these… they’re going to be amazing!

    Let’s all try to not abuse our F5 keys while waiting for the docs to be published – we don’t want to go all schmalFAIL on the site.

  3. What is the latest news from BunnyBoy Unread on these pending actions? I can’t be arsed to look at that site too often and potentially get their readership into the double digits, ya know?

    • News from that pussy Osborne? Nothing of course. He hasn’t the guts to actually keep the promise he made to he “readership” to keep them informed. All he’s doing now is rocking back and forth in momma’s basement covered in fear pee.

  4. If I were thinking of waging lawfare, I’d probably NOT a pick a target whom I had rendered unemployed and who was a licensed member of the bar. That’s just me of course. I like to pick my battles where they can be waged on terms favorable to me; it’s called strategy. Others spend their time in prison getting a paralegal degree by mail order and fantasizing that they are Matlock: that’s called delusion.

    Team Kimberlin, combining the stupid with the feckless for your viewing pleasure.

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