10 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Convention Starts Today

  1. They built an 8 foot high, four mile long fence to keep people out. Think about that. This is the party that refuses to believe a border fence is needed to keep illegals out yet they build a big fence to keep THEIR OWN PEOPLE out. (Bernie Bros who are pissed off at the DNC). Plus their go to solution to any incursion on White House grounds is to build a better fence. You can’t make this stuff up.

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        When the people rejected their ideas and plans, instead of changing their ideas and plans, they started changing the electorate to one more likely to support their fascism and socialism.

  2. The “MSM” is so in the bag for the Dems that all of the spin will be positive. So pathetic. Imagine a Republican with HRC’s track record. That person would be hounded out of the western hemisphere.

  3. Same old, same old…

    Blame the dead white guys. Again.

    I don’t think they’ve had a new idea in the last four decades, and they don’t recognize the flaws in the dogma.

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    • Sometimes I wonder what would happen to media coverage in general if this scene from “Law Abiding Citizen” were to repeat itself in the parking lot of the White House Press Corps.

  5. We can expect to hear lies, obfuscation, denials, gross exaggerations, contorted definitions of words, revisions of history, ad hominem attacks, etc. Truth and Transparency took the last train out of the city yesterday.

  6. Well, since the convention is already wrapped in wire, all you need is a big enough magnet and you can generate electricity.

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