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    • I served the complaint, the defendants didn’t answer by the deadline, therefore I win by default.

      I seem to remember someone who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are Bill Schmalfeldt, crowing oh so hard that he was going to win BY THE EXACT SAME LOGIC he now derides Hoge for.

      Rules for thee…

  1. What a weird criticism re commanded “love.” He says the oddest things.

    I’ve come to expect, through experience, that any motion filed by Mr Hoge has been filed in good faith, with some solid foundation in fact and law… Iv’e see them sometimes mooted, or the opposition granted some extension or indulgence related to snow days and poor pro-se ness, but cannot recall a single spurious motion.

    Bill’s track record, and even the tiniest terrorist’s track record command no similar respect.

  2. So the person who controls those entities would prefer to default than to answer the complaint and risk going to discovery.

    • It’s part of the Leftist mentality. If a reality exists which they don’t want to face, they ignore it and hope it goes away. When it doesn’t go away, they blame it on someone. But they don’t actually do anything to deal with it. Leftists don’t like actual reality. They just want to talk about what a utopia everyone would have if everyone followed the Leftists’ commands. Which is the opposite of diversity, by the way.

      • That’s actually at the heart of what goes wrong with their execution of their ideas when they actually get power. Things go wrong. Ideas can’t be wrong, therefore somebody must be stopping the plans therefor someone must die.
        Reality never enters into it and the body count goes up yet again. Just try to imagine any polity run by BS or BK and tell me your blood doesn’t run cold.

      • Very odd for a group of people who referred to themselves as “the reality-based community”. I noticed that descriptor didn’t stick around long.

    • Telling, wouldn’t you say?

      He’s now hoping that Professor Hoge isn’t determined enough to follow through on appeal(s).

      After that fails, he’ll be hoping Professor Hoge will be unable to convince the courts that the corporate veil has been torn…

      Yah, good luck with that, Pedodiddler. We know your playbook.

    • Actually I doubt it. Most members of Team Kimberlin are too stupid to understand what is happening. Some members of Team Kimberlin may be totally ignorant of what happened. Some of Team Kimberlin may be too feckless to care what is happening. Although those sets are not necessarily disjoint, I strongly suspect that they are exhaustive.

      • TexasTim • a year ago

        Did ISIS just telegraph that it is coming for Aaron Walker? That’s the way it appears from this announcement from the terror group. http://www.thegatewaypundit.co… ISIS announced they have 71 soldiers in 15 states and that there will be an attack in Virginia. Add this to the earlier statement that these soldiers will vanquish anyone who insults their Prophet and it follows that Aaron Walker is a clear target. I can say this much–our intrepid law enforcement officials are aware of this connection, but I cannot say more. After what I have seen overseas the past six months, ISIS says what it means and does what it says.

        End Times Comedy • a year ago

        Point A. Walkers boobs are MUCH larger than those of Pamela Gellar.
        Point B. What Walker is hoping for is an infusion of cash from the very profitable “We Hate Mooslims, TOO!” organizations who will recognize his bravery in the face of this heathen attacker and fill his PayPal account with JESUS BUX.
        Point C. Aaron Walker will be the subject of the Liberal Grouch Podcast later today on most of these Stations, especially theliberalgrouch.net and http://liberalgrouch.podomatic…. There will be dramatic readings of his termination letter, his “COME AND GET ME BITCHES” call for martyrdom (via pseudonym) and his other acts of cowardice. Plenty o’ juicy mockery for your enjoyment.
        Point D. Aaron gives a shit about his neighbors, his city, or anything else.

      • It just occurred to me what is at stake. I am amused. The folks at Team Kimberlin will not be.

        • Thanks, hadn’t realized Karoli was that deep in the shit.

          I thought she was a recent drag-in by Bill, not a “well I owe you but FUCK THIS EJECT EJECT EJECT!!!! oh no, now I’m on Bill Whittle’s old site! The sanity it burns!” type old acquaintance. No wonder Bill expected a small chatel behind her skirts.

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