#DNCLeaks and #DNCLeak

Yesterday, WikiLeaks published over 19,000 emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee. When the hashtag #DNCLeaks went to Number 1 on Trending, it suddenly disappeared from Twitter. After the resulting unrest, a #DNCLeak hashtag was allowed to trend. RedState has the details.

#FreeStacy #FreeNero

14 thoughts on “#DNCLeaks and #DNCLeak

  1. It’s almost like there is a hidden agenda at Twitter and I am beginning to sense they might not be totally unbiased or neutral….

    • When you have a bunch of dumbfuck leftist douche nozzles like Anita Sarkeesian on Twitter’s aptly-named “Trust and Safety Council,” well, you know…

    • I don’t think there’s a hidden agenda at all.

      If a hidden agenda is like a camouflage pattern… this one is a PT belt.

  2. I usually avoid sites like NYT, but when it’s a story I want to see more of, I make a point of hitting every left-wing media outlet covering it that I can find.

    • It’s important to read the NYT for insight into the official response and story. How is the MSM going to cover this? It’s particularly important in stories about the media itself, like this one.

  3. And still there exists a form of “JournoList”, whereby Leftist media and Leftist politicians can coordinate their activities. Not that it matters to the media.

    Popcorn sales are going through the roof.

  4. I wonder if the WikiLeaks people thought this one through? If the Hildabeast wins, there’s going to be hell to pay for putting this out there.

    Isn’t it great watching the leftists eat each other?

    • It would be better watching the Leftists eat each other if there weren’t two Leftists leading the major parties at the top of their respective tickets. Yeah, Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr, Reddit and the like will hide all the corrupt collusion between the Democrats and the media. But now the Republicans are no better.

  5. At some level, I view Wiki leaks pretty negatively. But it is glorious, watching the left get hoist on their own petard. They loved Wikileaks when the leaks suited their agenda.

    They do not love them now.

    Phone. Restaurant.

  6. We’ve had a couple of instances here in New Zealand where emails from someone on the right have been stolen and published (with considerable interpretation added) by a guy who is considered an “investigative journalist” – by the left anyway. I actually got involved with a project a few years back with him.

    The last one was a popular right wing blogger, who had sources all over the place. But the book and subsequent stories only talked about the right, and veered away from the left and the MSM connections, which as I understand it were considerable.

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