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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin continues to whine that the appellees in the RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit Appeal won’t run their defenses the way he wants them to.

IANAL, so I’m not sure how to describe this filing, but in engineering we’d refer to it as bullshit.

23 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Oh, look, the liar is lying his ass off in a court filing again. How can he be so fucking dumb?

    I think it’s because he has told so many lies he can’t keep them all straight anymore. Each filing reeks of more desperation than the last one.

  2. We engineers are a plain spoken bunch. I don’t like using profanity or vulgarity any more, but I am fluent.

  3. Let’s see, a quote on page 3 that contains [summaries in brackets] instead of the original words. Yep, that’s totally trustworthy; nobody ever mischaracterizes the original words of a quote in those [bracket summaries]. And then that paragraph that spans pages 6-7… wow. With such a masterpiece of legal reasoning before the Court, that makes an argument so completely relevant to the point, how could they possibly fail to see the justice of these claims?

  4. The main reason none of those lawyers sited Haddle is it isn’t relevant to their argument, nor to his.

  5. BK’s delusions are so glaring that I am convinced he needs psychiatric evaluation. No court ever asked him to testify about anything, and none of the defendants ever attempted to intimidate him or dissuade him from testifying about anything. Why would they? Kimberlin is a nobody with nothing to testify to. He has delusions of grandeur. The grand conspiracy against him exists only in his mind. He seems to have a very slippery grasp on reality.

    • He shouldn’t do delusions of grandeur. That’s so over-the-top of him. He should start out with delusions of adequacy and once he reaches middling skill at that, then he can try something more strenuous.

  6. IANAL, but to me it reads “your honor, the other side isn’t following the script I wrote for them!”

    • Experience is merely the state of having done something repeatedly for an amount of time.
      Expertise is the state of having learned from experience.

      His anemic moral character was not the only thing keeping Brett from being a lawyer.

  7. So Brett fancies himself a better lawyer then some of the best legal minds out there. Sure, run with that Brett. What could possibly go wrong?

  8. Is there a single opposing lawyer anywhere who wouldn’t love to get the Tiny Pedo on the stand and under oath? I mean, really!

    • On the stand only to demonstrate how bat-shit crazy he is to the judge yes but why bother with an oath to tell the truth?. Teh Diddler is a convicted perjurer and has been lying his ass off for *years* to the court without consequences yet.

      He would likely repeat his lies on the stand thinking he has the advantage because they are in yet another trial transcript…

  9. My favorite part so far is at bottom of page 5 of 9, “With all due respect to counsel for appellees, this is not how appeals work.”

    I don’t doubt that the attorneys are very appreciative of TDPK’s efforts to teach them about jurisprudence.

  10. I’m going to coin the term “delusegal”, in case one is not in the company of engineers…

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