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11 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Oh he’s still alive? I had assumed he found a nice sharp upright object. Too bad. Now I guess the pauper can go play “restless” aka beating it off and recording it on his $700 Apple Watch.

  2. Isn’t raw anger over something, anything, everything pretty much a requirement for being on the Left?

    • Yeah, but the anger tactic only works on other Leftists, which really pisses them off.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt Sez: To be honest (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!), I generally look at Hoggy’s website when I get up in the morning at the crack of noon, maybe once or twice (or seventeen times) during the day, and generally shortly after 11 pm CT when his auto-posts hit the web and the urge to monkeydance comes on particularly strong after winning another battle with Johnnie Walker.

    So far. so good!

    • The dateless, demented, diversely dependent, dumb, demanding, disgusting, delusional, dishonest, despised, despicable, drunk, depraved, dimwitted doofus, and defaulted defendant DUMBF5CK’s admitted attention to a blog belonging to someone who not only banned self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower, he has literally sought and received court orders to keep the loathsome loser away from him.

      Of course, having been banned from virtually every site it’s ever fouled with its repulsive presence, if the grotesque ghoul only frequented sites where it was welcome and wanted, it would pretty much only have MarkinMD to chat with most of the time. And who knows? Even MarkinMD may have abandoned it after reading the fat freak offering to urinate on children. When you’re too disgusting and depraved for the voices….

  4. Often (though almost certainly incorrectly) attributed to Churchill: “Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

    I guess that makes the Cabin Boy a success.

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