25 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Seriously? This is the best the tiny Pedo can come up with? At this point he’s just trolling right? RIGHT??????

  2. So how does this case affect him? Is he saying he is also an illegal alien, in danger of deportation, in addition to being a convicted perjurer, terrorist bomber, and adjudicated pedophile?

  3. Still hasn’t figured out the Streisand Effect – thinks its just bad luck. He’s just begging, pretty please with a cherry on top, for the courts to take a good hard look at him. If that happens, he really won’t like the outcome. As someone on his team once said, “sometimes it’s better to keep one’s head down”.

  4. Cui Bono?

    Fussing with Aaron and John does not excite donors. Fighting about a Supreme Court nominee. Hey that’s even better than selling pot to a VP, particularly because we know now that politicians never inhale.

  5. So he cites an instance where the solicitor general, frustrated by a tie vote in an 8-member court, requests a rehearing as soon as the full nine member court is seated. Wouldn’t this demonstrate that there is some alternative to forcing the Senate to approve a nominee? If the Solicitor gets his way, he gets a “do-over.”

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