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The Cabin Boy™ keeps trying to evade detection as he lurks about here at Hogewash!, and he seems quite peeved when he’s noticed.MU201607201520ZHe still seems mathematically challenged too. Central Daylight Time is only 5 hours behind UTC, so the times he shows in red in his tweet are off by an hour.

Apple Watch Sleep AppOne interesting thing in his tweet is the image of that sleep app for an Apple Watch. I suppose that he’s trying to claim that the date shown in his tweet was taken using the Apple Watch shown on his wrist in a picture he posted earlier. If the Cabin Boy™ were to trade that watch back in on a Sport model, he’d have enough of a refund coming back that he could afford to pay the filing fee on LOLsuit VII: Degenerations and not have to pretend to be poor to get in forma pauperis status.

MM WatchBTW, if the Gentle Reader is in the market for a new watch, I can recommend the Mickey Mouse watch that I’ve been using recently. It’s not expensive, looks pretty good, and keeps excellent time. Click on the image on the left to get a good deal on one from Amazon.

And as Steve Jobs used to say, one more thing … I happened to be taking a coffee break while the Cabin Boy™ was downloading some of the stuff he ripped off from Hogewash! this morning. I watched him connect to the site, move around, and download things. You can see when he connected here.

UPDATE—Wow! Seventeen people have clicked on the watch link to Amazon so far. In answer to several emails–yes, I really do wear that Mickey Mouse watch.My Watch

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  1. Funny thing. I have a fitbit that tracks my sleep. (Much MUCH cheaper than an Apple watch) On the occasion that it needs to be recharged I just charge it overnight. It shows I slept like a baby even if I’m up several times a night. But good old Lyin’ of Lebanon would NEVER lie about something that makes him look like the horses ass we all know him to be right?

        • Meh. Not as bad as the time I was working at a lab building and the receptionist left without checking if anyone was left in the building. Fifteen minutes later, I got up to leave, and the motion sensors realized I was there.

    • That’s cruel to horse’s asses, TOLF. Remember, it was a horse’s ass that brought all the lulz in the Great Slovenian Horseshit Caper. Speaking of which, do you know whether the rumor is true that Dateline is going to cover that story? hahaha

    • I have one too. It seems to be doing a great job of documenting my inertia. I feel like I’m always on the go, but I guess it’s mostly in the car. I have terrible sleep habits too.

    • Maybe he was hoping it would run the IANAL app.

      (Sorry, that acronym is just too good to pass up)

    • No, he spent almost twice that on a watch. Why? Cause people on a fixed income who are pleading pauper status in federal court ALWAYS drop almost a grand on a watch they don’t need just to prove how poor they are.

    • It looks like it. Kinda pathetic, isn’t it? What does he need it to keep track of, anyway, that a cheapo digital couldn’t do as well?

      MUNI train, phone.

    • If I recall what I learned in marketing all those years ago, you have various income bands. Those on the lowest don’t have any money and just scrape by.

      It’s those on the next one up that go out and buy stuff for their kids like cheap mountain bikes and trampolines. In other words, people who have no money spend it when they get a little in their hands.

  2. “Hoge claims foe employs faux sleeper”. “Presented with the irrefutable evidence of technology”.

    Yes, I know what he was trying to say but it’s not what he put on paper. If he can’t even write the introductory paragraph of a fake news story so that it makes sense, why is he filing lawsuits without the assistance of an attorney?

      • Probably why they always demand he puts down a sizable sum in the event he loses.

          • Sorry. I am cynical. They may emotionally PREFER that he go away, but they will put up with him for cash in advance up until the point that they begin to fear personal sanctions.

            The most dangerous words you can hear an attorney say are “Well, I can make an argument.” It would be a pretty poor attorney who cannot find SOME argument, but the relevant questions are “how likely is it that your argument will prevail and what is the minimum expense expected to get that argument accepted.”

            I was involved in a case in the Court of Claims that was taken to the Federal Circuit on an interlocutory appeal, then reheard in the circuit court en banc, and eventually argued in the Supreme Court, which held that the Court of Claims had been correct all along and so REMANDED the case to the Court of Claims to proceed as though there had never been an interlocutory appeal.

            The lawyers involved, specialists in the Tucker Act, actually had several arguments, but it took eight years and millions of dollars to make them stick.

      • We interrupt your regularly scheduled mock-fest to bring this important announcement. William Schmalfeldt, the vroom, VROOMing manatee, could soon be charged with the mass murder of attorneys. Watch this video evidence:

  3. The Cabin boy has some very interesting spending patterns. I imagine a certain Judge in the Chicago area will think so as well. I wonder what other purchases will be discovered when his debit/credit cards, checking account and paypal account are examined? Does anybody remember what it’s called when someone lies to a Federal Court?

  4. Another interesting thing about that app is that *you* have to tell it when you are sleeping. It doesn’t figure it out on it’s own. Ole’ WilLIE could easily have gotten up and not tapped on the end sleep button. If his watch is on his left wrist and he’s right handed he could easily not move the watch much while surfing the internet.

    Oh, and look, just after 5am CDT (10:00 UTC) there are two “restless” period indicating movement: Getting to the computer and going back to bed?

    • And if he *really* wants to claim he doesn’t remember, maybe he should consult a physician. Whether he’s blacking out from sleepwalking or for some other reason, he should get that checked out before he hurts himself (more than he already has).

    • He wouldn’t even have to get up. Hasn’t he mentioned using a tablet? I’ve had the odd restless night and pulled out my phone or tablet to pass the time when I couldn’t sleep.

    • all the hypothesizing is pointless when you realize the basic fact of DF; he’s a big stupid incompetent liar. There is no way to believe the watch is even set to the right time and he can use that to show whatever he wants.
      He might as well be showing us a journal that says he slept from X to Y.
      Here I’ll help him out: “Schamlfeldt – asleep at 0300”. there, it’s documented.

  5. Of course, outside all the points made already Hoge never claimed anything to lie about. All he’s said is that there were logins at given times. To prove that was a lie, Blob would need to have access to things we all know he never will.

    But his post does prove *someone* is stupid.

    • Love this comment. While I haven’t gone through archives or anything I don’t know if our host has ever declared all his login posts are about Bill Schmalfeldt or whether he includes other logins in such posts he’s tracking. Obviously, since he is so butthurt about them I conclude the vast majority are his.

      Bill, please inform us how you know John is only tracking just one person (you) and not multiple people in login posts.

  6. Hmmm…assets to seize once there’s a judgment:
    2) Suzuki organ
    3) Expensive watch

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