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4 thoughts on “Logins

    • 40. Plaintiff has been visited by police on several occasions because of false allegations made by Defendants. Plaintiff has been threatened with eviction because of the false allegations made by Defendants. Plaintiff has been irreparably harmed by the harassment of Defendants.

      Someone informed me that this PD department keeps tract of every call and local visit for the safety of the community and its officers. Boy I sure hope that they have the records or someone maybe committing perjury to a Federal Judge.

      Also all eviction warnings, according to Wisc 704 and other statutes, must be in writing. I would think that these claims not being attached as an exhibit and the fact that the lease was renewed maybe another count of Perjury. Or so a little birdy told me the other day

      • Isn’t this the same Bill Schmalfeldt who is LOVED at Canticle and Juniper Courts on account of his providing for a GENEROUS donation when he finally VroomVrooms off this mortal coil?

        The same Bill Schmalfeldt who now alleges that he’s been threatened with eviction (for his criminal behavior) and is filing in forma pauperis (because he’s shat away all his money on creature comforts and vexatious frivolous lolsuits)?

        Need a scorecard to keep up with Bill Schmalfeldt’s many many lies! 😀

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