Legal LULZ Du Jour

MU201607151616ZMU201607151618ZI sincerely doubt that the Cabin Boy™ will ever see Sarah Palmer in Chicago. He has failed to [redacted]. Furthermore, Wisconsin [redacted], whereas Illinois [redacted]. So it’s much more likely that The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt should be making reservations for travel to North Carolina. Considering how far the relevant federal courthouse is from a decent airport, he might want to check with Greyhound.

39 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. Golden Showers Schmalfeldt is genetically incapable of doing anything right, yet remains convinced that he’s a genius. If you ever wondered why I’ve stuck through four years of this, now you know.

  2. I know everyone sez that Fear Pee Billy is not insane, just evil. But he sure exhibits the definition of insane: “Insanity to repeating the same mistake, and expecting a different results”

  3. He seems pretty anxious to grab a train to Chicago. Let’s see how anxious he is to haul himself down to Maryland. I got 5 bucks that says he can’t make either trip without peeing himself…….and blogging about it.

      • I suspect you need to start saving your pennies so you can pay up, Roy.

        Witless Willie will have to consider whether he has possibly violated a restraining order issued by a court in Illinois and whether Grady may be annoyed enough to ask to have it enforced if Witless puts himself in the state of Illinois at a predesignated time and place.

        It would be hysterically funny if Willlie carts his carcass to Chicago only to find his fat ass in the klink at the end of the day. But I doubt even Willie is so witless as to risk that scenario..

      • Roy, being rich and successful and all that; did you mean to actually back that bet, because the terms are that Bill will pee himself and blog about it if he attempts either trip. The odds seem to be in favor of TOLF.

          • Roy, are you not tempted to file for In forma pauperis yet simultaneously boast of the riches you’re leaving to others? It seems to be the fashion these days.

          • Duke,

            All they can do, it seems, is say “no”, right?

            My team of lawyers think it would be tough to pull off, given that they expect to be paid.

            Unreasonable, they are. Like that, I do.

  4. I noticed that the Dumbfuck still hasn’t deleted the Digital Tuna guy’s information even though he’s got the wrong person. I guess he doesn’t care.

  5. You can walk up to a sleeping Bengal tiger with a nail studded two by four and smack it firmly in the butt, and that 1 second satisfaction of a opening blow is the last positive outcome of such a move.

    I remember the fleeing flapping skirts of a free flowing piss trail the last time someone tried to hit a guy with a 2 by 4.

  6. “Considering how far the relevant federal courthouse is from a decent airport, he might want to check with Greyhound.”

    Scootypuff (It’s red. Vroom! VROOM!!) not got the juice?

  7. Back home we’d say “That boy ain’t quite right in the head.” Doesn’t mean he’s actually crazy so much as nothing he does makes sense to anyone but him. The obscene gloating over what everyone else sees as idiot moves is just weird.

  8. Wait, he’s going to see her in Chicago? What about Milwaukee? Did that not work out? And if not, why will it work this time?

  9. I love how gracious our Gracious Host is. He even directed Bill’s attention to where he should be looking, and offered travel advice. Yup, he’s a Meanie allright.

  10. Pretty sure that the idea of a restraining order is that you leave someone alone. Not sue them.

    But heck, I’m not a lawyer, what do I know?

    • One interesting point comes to mind. He never bothered to attend the restraining order hearing, but he is taking the time to sue them *after* it’s in place.

      One would think the smart thing… oh. Never mind.

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